Privacy Policy

At Adacta, we are aware of the importance of protecting your personal data, so we deal with your data in a responsible manner and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Personal Data Protection Act and the accepted principles for the protection of personal data.

As part of the Adacta Group and its affiliated companies, we take care of proper and lawful processing of personal data and their security, for which we have adopted internal acts and regulations (Rules on the processing and protection of personal data and IT Security Policy).

For an easier overview of what information we collect, for what purpose, how we treat them, and what rights you that trust us with your personal information have, we have prepared General Information on the Protection of Personal Information. In the document term "processing" means the collection, use, access, retrieval, as well as the transmission of personal data.

Last updated: 23.5.2018

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