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#Marketing Specialist

We are looking for an experienced Marketing Specialist to join our regional marketing team.

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Job opportunity 
#Project Manager

We are looking for an experienced Project Manage to join our growing international team.

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Job opportunity 
# .NET Developer

We are looking for a committed professional for the position of a .NET developer. 

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Success has never been the result of just one person. If you are an open-minded, ambitious and analytical person, Adacta is the right place to achieve your goals and make things possible. Become a member of our successful and growing family with the right core values that we really believe in.

Product development

Product development is an essential component of our business. Therefore, it is at the center of all our business activities. For our numerous clients, we create entirely new solutions and modify or update existing information systems.  We need people who are ready to work out new ideas about business processes. We welcome creativity, flexibility, expertise, enthusiasm, and advance towards success.

Meet | Davor

As a product developer, Davor develops new products and improves existing solutions. He is a member of the regional NAV team and is in contact with his colleagues in Ljubljana and Beograd on a daily basis. He works in the customer support team at Adacta Zagreb. Davor is passionate about new IT skills and is a certified Microsoft developer.

Davor, Product Development | 4 years @ Adacta Zagreb

Business consulting

Business consulting is at the core of our daily business. At Adacta, we firmly believe that strong support is invaluable to our customers. Our business consultants engage directly with our customers to define requirements, design and configure solutions, train people, and implement information systems. Our doors are open to smart, confident, flexible, and knowledgeable people.

Meet | Luka

Luka works on the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions and is part of Adacta’s international NAV team.  With the ability to understand clients’ business processes, and with his ceaseless efforts to achieve success, Luka aims to make each implementation a pleasant and useful experience, both for clients and colleagues who are directly involved in the process of implementation. Luka is one of Adacta’s MA in Economics in the field of “Global retail and its impact on other market participants".

Luka, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Consultant | 5 years @ Adacta Belgrade

Sales & marketing

Our marketing & sales concept is based on knowing the exact needs and requirements of our clients and delivering what they need better than our competitors. We are inviting you to devote your knowledge and energy to improve how we communicate with our customers. Building profitable relationships with our customers is at the center of our marketing management philosophy.

Meet | Sandra

Sandra is responsible for identifying new sales opportunities through improving product marketability and profitability. She provides sales information by collecting, analyzing and summarizing data and trends. She is responsible for partners channel management and ensuring that our business with them runs smoothly. She is an invaluable presence at Adacta's events abroad.

Sandra, Sales & Marketing | 5 years @ Adacta Ljubljana

Back office operations

The efficiency of our back-office operations is essential to the overall company performance. We strive to drive the maximum efficiency and optimized processes that lead to our clients' satisfaction. We welcome people who have great knowledge of business related activities, effective communication skills, are great at making decisions, and are passionate about working for the development of the organization.

Meet | Gašper

Gašper guides and leads the IT team and is very passionate about everything new in the world of technology He listens very carefully to all requests and is a firm believer that there is no effective IT support without a system. He is in charge of Adacta’s Sport Club and is valued among coworkers for his organizational skills and willingness to provide additional help and instructions.

Gašper, IT department | 4 years@ Adacta Ljubljana

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