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Jure, Software Developer

Upon my return from postdoctoral studies in America, I was deciding among several opportunities for the continuance of my professional career. There are many reasons why I decided on Adacta. I had a friend who at that time was already working in the team to which I had applied, so he had a good insight of the work I would be doing, as well as of team’s dynamics. 

Besides, in my opinion, Adacta has perfected the process of employment and has a fair relationship towards potential new employees, since all times, I had a feeling that they really want to see me work for them. At the same time, they trusted in my knowledge even though I had not worked with such technologies until then. Of course, competitive salary as well.

Jana, Software Tester

Having nearly completed my studies I started working for a marketing startup. Although I enjoyed it, it wasn't the career path I imagined myself being on. So after three years of living abroad I decided it was time to continue my studies in Ljubljana. 

The only issue I had was that I couldn't imagine not working anymore, so I decided to find a student job. The only condition I set for myself was to find a job in a company where I would like to work long term. Adacta was quite frequently mentioned during studies as one of the benchmark IT companies in Slovenia. In addition, a good friend of mine was already working here. It was a coincidence that a job posting became available on the day I updated my CV, wrote a cover letter and wanted to try my luck. A year-and-a-half-later I still think that things couldn't have ended better.

Jernej, Director of Product Development

In the beginning, I was working as a project manager on a fairly small project for a local telecom company. Soon I took over the management of the first insurance project – the implementation of core insurance solution in the largest Slovene insurance company. At its peak, our team had 35 members! That occupied me for several years.

When we decided to reorganize our organization and split product development and implementation, I took over the management of professional services, responsible for project implementation, consulting and support.

Currently, I’m responsible for product development, but I also spend a lot of time in presales.

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