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HRM Congress 2019: Adacta Presented a New Solution for Talent Champions

The most important HR event in Serbia in 2019 – HRM Congress 2019 gathered more than 400 delegates and 35 keynote speakers in Crown Plaza Hotel on February, 25th. This congress was a great opportunity for the leading HR professionals to exchange views of the most important topics in today's fast changing world, share research findings and build relationships.

The Top Three Priorities for HR in 2019

New Gartner research has looked at HR leaders' top three initiatives in 2019. Check out the top three priorities for HR in 2019.

The rise of employer brand awareness

72% of leading recruiting around the world agree that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring, and has an even more significant impact on a business' success. CareerBuilder reports that 67% of candidates would essentially accept lower pay if the company they were interested in had very positive reviews online.

Investing in your employees is the smartest business decision you can make

Today’s workforce is loud and clear about what they want and expect in a job—and when you consider the shrinking talent pool and rising costs of replacing employees—it would be crazy not to listen. To meet millennial expectations, training must move beyond its current state, which is too often outdated and irrelevant. For L&D professionals, this means providing the right kind of learning experiences to support their employees’ lifelong pursuits of upskilling and reskilling—which differ in some ways from traditional learning.

Adacta will join over 36 million people using Cornerstone

The role of HR is changing, HR professionals are now marketers, designers, and supply and demand experts. As with all companies, Adacta are challenged with a war for talent.


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