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MICROSOFT HOLOLENS 2 - Mixed reality headset designed to GET WORK DONE

Microsoft has decided that HoloLens 2 is only going to be sold to enterprise customers who want to deploy the headset to their workers. We talked to our Innovation Expert, Martin Vovk, about changes that this technology brings to the enterprise world.

What the job of an Application Consultant is like at ADACTA, with Biljana!

When you think about Adacta, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Successful modern organization that moves forward, truly taking its eployees wellbeing into account.

DIGITAL LEARNING EVENT: 12 skills that will drive growth and innovation in 2020.

Cornerstone OnDemand, a global leader in Talent Management solutions, has recently launched free access to 48 courses that cover 12 core skills that are most worth learning in 2020.

6 steps that made work-from-home successful for Adacta

Many companies were wary of the rise of remote work a long time before the Corona epidemic. Until the start of this year, nearly 4.7 million American employees weren’t working in a physical office space – instead they work remotely. This increasingly popular workforce trend has grown by 159% over the past 12 years and it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon, especially after the Coronavirus pandemic began in spring 2020.

Challenge Accepted! Work from home at Adacta

Two weeks ago, everyone's work-life balance was turned upside down. We were faced with having to remove the boundaries between work and home and were challenged with many issues regarding remote work.

All mixed reality technologies will have a massive impact on our lives in the future

When we think of the coronavirus, most of us are initially concerned with our health and our holiday plans. But another area critically impacted by the virus is business. Not least because of the limitations the virus is putting on our ability to travel. As many industries rely on the knowledge of specialists who travel to locations all over the globe to assist for instance local technicians, the inability to travel presents a legitimate threat to these companies.

Stay focused and productive with CORNERSTONE CARES!

The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11 declared COVID-19 a pandemic. With many businesses and schools asking workers and students to stay home in order to remain healthy and prevent any further infections, things aren’t what they were just a month ago.

What is the most difficult challenge for a team manager right now?

For leaders whose teams normally share an office, this can present a host of new challenges: How can one lead effectively when employees are greeting each other with instant messages rather than handshakes? When meetings are held via Microsoft Teams rather than face-to-face? 

IT companies are well prepared to work remotely during the outbreak, but do they have to expect additional challenges?

There are certainly a few requirements that need to be met before being able to work remotely. First and foremost is deciding which devices will be used to access company data. An overwhelming majority of our employees use company-issued notebooks/laptops. As employees can take these home, it was just a matter of providing access to company resources. This might not be as straightforward as it might seem, as there are many aspects to cover – security, compatibility with different environments and hardware, ease of access, etc.

Information on the Coronavirus desease (COVID-19) for customers and partners

Infection with the coronavirus is currently spreading rapidly in many countries of the world. It is paramount to contain the epidemic and protect human life.


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