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As a CFO you already know your challenges. We work with many customers across industries so we know them to. Our state-of-the-art BI solution for Financial Controlling and Management Reporting is a result of our hands-on experience with many controllers, CFOs and management teams. The solution we've developed will benefit your business in many different ways:

1. Faster close cycles for data consolidation, preparation and presentation

2. Gain visibility across your entire business with accurate and transparent data

3. Stay compliant while making the big business decision of where to invest and where to cut costs

4. See what's next for your business and present your insights with confidence and accuracy.

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Unique financial data model

Adacta's unique Financial Data Model combines all the relevant data sources with custom business rules and systems of controls specific to your business.

Supported modules

You can start with what you need for your business today and gradually evolve your BI ecosystem according to your needs, budget, and priorities.

Data import

  • ERP independent
  • Fast data processing
  • Business logic is in the hands of controlling
  • Import is supervised and managed
  • Certified for SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other ERPs

Cost reallocation

  • Compare postings before and after allocation
  • Allocation keys controlled by controlling deptartment
  • Original postings remain in the application along with allocated postings

Business rules data control

  • Data/process anomaly detection
  • Fast data corrections
  • Recognition of duplicates/undefined transaction
  • Accounting controls
  • Cost reallocation controls

Controling adjustments

  • Fast data corrections
  • Original and revised report presentation
  • Reporting revision of closed periods w/o ERP intervention
  • BS remains balanced
  • Cross-check controls

Self-service functionalities

  • Controllers are fully empowered to search data and create their own reports
  • No need to wait for IT to design and publish new reports
  • On-the-fly report creation

GL linked to analytics

  • Association between GL postings and detailed postings
  • P&L drill-down to invoice or posting line level
  • High-level overview and details on a single screen

Planning and budgeting

  • Comparison to various budgets and forecasts
  • Support for planning processes (annual budgeting, operational planning, purchase planning etc.)

Controlling consolidation

  • Import of reservations
  • Import of adjustments
  • Import of budgeting structure
  • Exclusion of inter-company transactions
  • Import of consolidated postings

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Intuitive Dashboards

Intuitive and customizable dashboards will give you the freedom you need to dive deep into your data and discover actionable insights.

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