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[Webinar]: Modern business analytics for FMCG and retailers: increase sales and improve operational efficiency

Join us on this webinar and see how FMCG and retail companies can apply modern analytics tools to improve overall business performance in competitive and price sensitive market.

FMCG companies generate enormous volumes of data every day. Even with modern BI tools widely available and affordable, many of these companies continue to use Excel for analysing and reporting, spending enormous amounts of time and effort to build reports while missing out on opportunities to leverage data for sales growth and improved operational effectiveness.

Join us for this webinar and see how FMCG and retail companies can apply modern analytic tools to improve overall business performance in a competitive and price sensitive market

In a live demo we will show you how to:

  • dive deep into your data, find patterns and get valuable insights;
  • predict (and avoid) bottlenecks; 
  • see opportunities for sales growth;
  • use data to boost your sales team and field force;
  • oversee and optimize your entire supply chain;
  • save an enormous amount of time spent on reporting;
  • and transform your company into a data-driven organization. 

This webinar is intended for directors, controllers, sales, purchase, marketing, and supply-chain managers. 

I am looking forward welcoming you to our webinar!
Your webinar host: Milan Listeš, BI Department Manager, Adacta Zagreb

Milan has six years of experiences with helping FMCG and retail companies make the best use of their data. Along with his industry experiences and constant education in the field of BI, he is eager to share his knowledge at conferences at home and abroad. 


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