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[Webinar] : GDPR Intelligence – take control over your GDPR-related data

Is GDPR keeping you awake at nights?

How about we tell you that we have a solution to your sleepless nights?

A tool that will help you and your organization discover all the personal data scattered across different files and departments. We are introducing GDPR intelligence – an application that lets you discover sensitive personal data across your entire organization, format and organize it and gain insights.

For Data Privacy Protection Officers and legal representatives, GDPR Intelligence enables you to answer these questions with confidence:

  • What GDPR-relevant data do you have in our organization?
  • Where is GDPR related data stored across different departments?
  • Which users and departments have access to this data?

GDPR Intelligence can help CTOs, CIOs and IT managers:

  • Analyse content in unstructured data formats (excel and word documents, e-mails, etc, ...) and meta-data
  • Perform a semantic analysis: identification and categorization of personal data
  • Perform complex analysis of documents and scan various data sources
  • Create actionable insights and dashboards
  • Define PII data categories for ad-hoc analysis without development

This webinar is relevant to all people in your company, who deal with GDPR-related data in one way or another: responsible DPOs, CTOs, CIOs, and legal officers, particularly.

Interested in finding out more?

We will be showing the GDRP Intelligence in action on Thursday, 21 November. 

Join us online for a free demo presentation, lead by Milan Listeš, BI Department Manager, Adacta Zagreb.


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