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Explore 150+ complimentary eLearning Courses (only till 25th June!)

Digital Learning Event is live! Until June 25th you can explore 150+ free eLearning courses within Cornerstone OnDemand learning experience platform to help your team develop today’s most in-demand skills.

Learn Today, prepare for the Future.

Arm yourself and your employees with the skills of tomorrow—explore 150+ free eLearning courses during Cornerstone’s semi-annual

Employee development has a direct impact on your organisation's performance. By investing in employee development, you can close skills gaps and engage your workforce, leading to more productive people that choose to stay at your organsation. Cornerstone believes that a company's talent can be the unique differentiator to drive your organisation forward, and we want to help. 

So far, some of our most popular courses include: 

  • The Project Management Module
  • The Energy Bus - Desire, Vision, and Focus
  • Going from Peer to Manager

Take these courses and many more—here’s how you can access our complimentary portal:

  • Sign up to create a login for the portal
  • Explore the courses and learning paths (called playlists) containing 150+ courses across 4 languages
  • Use your username and password to continue taking courses until the portal closes on June 25th

Sign up today and learn something new!

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