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BCEE People Conference with Adacta Speakers

The official meeting of Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners from Central and Eastern Europe was successfully held in Prague on September 12. The conference brought together over 65 attendees from 15 countries with an aim of exchanging knowledge and reliable expertise on Dynamics 365 Business Central with Partners from other countries and Microsoft representatives.

The forum for exchanging opinions, ideas and guidelines

BCEE People conference was one of the first initiatives of this type aimed at integrating Partner companies implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The purpose of the event was to exchange experiences of creating new applications for Dynamics 365 Business Central, as well as the ways of presenting this new Dynamics NAV version to the present and potential customers. In addition, the focus was to indicate the common directions for growth, discuss the strategy for product development, share knowledge and know-how.

The Future of Dynamics 365 Business Central in the CEE

The Conference chairman, Piotr Śledź from IT.integro started the opening remarks with the title "What is the future of Business Central in CEE in Partner point of view".


Piotr Śledź - CIO & Owner, IT.integro

What to expect from technical and functional point of view in new Fall Release of Dynamics 365 Business Central, what to do to get more localizations soon, which things to consider before making a decision to upgrade customers to Dynamics 365 Business Central, what are different go-to-market strategies and top considerations for Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud versus on-premises version, how to be ready for Business Central on-line availability, what are the further plans for building localized applications – these were some of the main topics discussed by Partners and Microsoft representatives during seven different sessions at the event.

Are we „Ready to Go“ for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Together with the speakers from companies BSC Itera and IT.integro, and through the lecture "The strategy of building localized applications within the Ready to Go program", Aleksander Mavec – Regional Evangelist at Adacta Group and Matjaž Fajfar – General Manager at Adacta Belgrade spoke about the biggest sales and technical challenges on the journey of building set of localization apps for Serbian, Slovenian and Croatian markets. 

Additionally, all speakers gave the summary of the current status and furthure development plans.


Matjaž Fajfar - General Manager, Adacta Belgrade


Aleksander Mavec - Regional Evangelist, Adacta Group

Nevena Vasiljević

Marketing Specialist, Adacta Belgrade

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