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ADACTA launched its first radio: BE-readyo!

Friday, 3 o’clock in the afternoon, concentrations are wandering, the weekend is just around the corner, and then the message arrives in Microsoft Teams: “DJ KAS is in the houuuuuuuse”. Headphones go on, the sound is cranked to maximum, and conversations are interrupted because it’s time for BE-readyo DJ Friday!

Music has always been a part of ADACTA. Some of us play in bands or have tried DJing and some still fantasise about our singing careers. Many of us have shown off our best dance moves inspired by our favourite song at many Adacta parties. When the idea of ​​radio as the new internal communication channel came up, it made such perfect sense that we could only wonder why we hadn’t done it before.

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Our Adacta family now consists of over 300 gamers, developers, chess players, animal lovers, family people, solo players, runners, hikers, and many others who love to keep up with the latest company news and events. Which is natural, because when you are part of a family you want to celebrate success together, support each other, welcome new members, or share your dog pictures or cake recipes. So far, we’ve done this through emails, internal SharePoint, groups on Teams, in the kitchen while drinking morning coffee, and even after work in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. However, we have been searching for something to bring us even closer to allow us to get to know each other better as our family grows larger each day.


Be informed, be equipped, be ready!

The first Adacta internal radio, BE-readyo, was launched earlier this year. The name was created to unite the BE-terna group of which Adacta is a member with the idea of ​​starting the radio: to provide everyone with the latest information on projects, goals, upcoming events and changes in the organisation. The radio can be accessed via a link found on the internal SharePoint. It can be played outside the office as well, ensuring that our colleagues are always up to date. We try to make sure everyone finds something to their taste and enjoys the music while doing their daily tasks. There is much more to music than just entertainment – it helps boost motivation, maintain focus, reduce stress and most importantly, make us happy and help us stay positive. As William James once said, “I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.”


As a part of the radio schedule, we have news about projects we are working on, projects we have successfully completed, when the next gaming night will be held, and we also welcome our new colleagues. In the future, we plan to do interviews with managers, colleagues and teams, as well as organising sweepstakes and other fun activities that everyone can participate in. The aim of starting the radio was not to create another one-way channel of communication with top-down access to which people rarely or never respond. With BE-readyo, we want to allow everyone to express themselves, show their creativity, connect with colleagues and discover their talents beyond their usual ‘roles’, which brings us back to the beginning of this musical story.


Meetings, client training, software implementation, project go-lives, and many other activities are all part of Adacta’s workweek or sometimes even just one business day. Although we try to find time for socialising, completing work properly, accurately, and on time is at the top of our list of priorities. As the week draws to a close, our energy drops, especially the Friday after lunch when our thoughts turn steadily toward the weekend. To help everyone finish their last few tasks as quickly as possible, speed up the clock hands and have some fun, we started DJ Friday. Every Friday from 3pm to 4pm everyone has the opportunity to become a DJ for an hour on BE-readyo. So far, we’ve hosted five of them. All kinds of music were found on their playlists. Some got us tapping our feet slightly under the table. Some made us dance all over the place and throw those dance moves, while some awakened long-forgotten memories. Some, like one DJ KAS playlist, made us sleepy, because nothing calms the soul like music. The point is not whether or not we liked the song. The support and encouragement that we feel for each other every time one of us shows a part of ourselves is the only thing that matters. Because colleagues are here to help you sing a little louder, make a task a little easier, and welcome the weekend a little faster



Success has never been the result of just one person. If you are an open-minded, ambitious and analytical person, Adacta is the right place to achieve your goals and make things possible. Become a member of our successful and growing family with the right core values that we really believe in.

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