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Adacta has a VR demo room for industry

Virtual reality has been tied to gaming for a while, but as the technology progresses it is also used in many industries in various capacities. Some examples of industries where VR is used include - Engineering, Energy, Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, Construction, Real estate and many more.

Microsoft is one of several companies investing heavily in virtual reality and augmented reality. Their strategy for the last few years has been to target relevant business audiences, and they have certainly done this! As an important Microsoft partner in the region – which we proved earlier this year with the award for best Microsoft partner in the region - we were thrilled to begin a new era and take the next step in the future of our business – AR and VR.

That's why we decided to establish our 'Centre of Excellence', and our first step was the development of VR solutions for industry.


Let's discuss what kind of solutions (potential) clients can see in our VR Demo room:

1. Onboarding room: As the first step in the VR experience, it is important to stretch and warm up! This is why the first room is a lobby where users can try teleporting to different places, and how to use VR Headset. Once users have figured it out – they are ready for the first real business industry solution room.

2. Visualisation room for complex products: In this room we can see an engine that can be assembled or disassembled with just a few clicks. This helps users to understand how the engine is built, how it works, or at least how it should work without getting their hands dirty or requiring special equipment or a workshop. We can use this visualisation for Hands-on and Safety Training, as actual technical products consist of thousands of components. It helps new employees with training etc.

3. Industry configuration: It is not every day that you can sit in a Lamborghini, change its colour schemes, or dismantle parts of the car to see how it is made. This interactive car dealership gives you a peek into a new era of sales and it could be easily adopted for any consumer product not just for Automotive industry.

4. Industrial Training: This room gives you the chance to be guided through methods of rectifying an error on an electrical installation without getting into trouble. This kind of training prevents accidents and saves many lives.   It enables low cost, repeatable training, with success history and progress analytics. Onboarding new workers should no longer be a problem.

5. Smart City management: In this room you can gain the ability to have visual control over a whole city or company. It allows you to discover how the buildings are built, and what kind of equipment the factories have. Everything is in one place, with real-time telemetry data from real machines equipped with IoT data-collecting devices, and is visualized and processed.

6. Real estate room: Imagine viewing an apartment from the comfort of your couch anytime, and then being able to decide if you are interested in visiting it in the real world.   Well, with VR this is possible. It is also possible to use VR as an interior design solution to see how furniture looks in different positions at home or in the office, or even more complex tasks, such as positioning large-scale manufacturing equipment in factories.

7. Games room: Finally – sure, we have games too, you can play basketball and also do a few other interactive things 😊.

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Monika Verbič, Marketing Specialist at Adacta

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