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Adacta Day 2019 Ljubljana: Intelligent Business

We were happy to host many speakers, customers, partners and other business associates at Adacta Day 2019: Intelligent Business in Ljubljana last Friday, 25 October. 
We discussed many topics and focused on disruptive and upcoming technologies, their impact on the future of business and, of course, the impact these technologies will have on people.

There is no great technology without great people

Blaž Strle, CEO, Adacta

Blaž Strle, CEO of Adacta, opened the event and was accompanied on stage with the sound created by AIVA – AI software that creates music. In his presentation, Blaž highlighted other clever and innovative uses of smart technologies, such as JD's first fully automated warehouse, Amazon GO store, and fully automated Creator burger restaurant. He left us thinking about what human-machine co-existence will be like in the future.

Smart business with Microsoft technologies

Barbara Domicelj, General Manager, Microsoft Slovenija

Barbara Domicelj, General Manager of Microsoft Slovenia, outlined the views and plans of the global IT giant for developing new technologies. Microsoft is leading the way and setting the pace in this field. Barbara Domicelj emphasized that Microsoft partners are the ones who bring these technologies to action and congratulated Adacta for Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2019 award. 

Domicelj about the real power of data: 

“The new paradigm is fundamentally changing the competitive environment. Winners and losers are increasingly separated by their ability to collect and use digital signals from across the business environment.”

Intelligent business in the 20's and 30's

Matjaž Fajfar, General Manager, Adacta Serbia

Mastering and introducing new technologies, putting the customer at the centre of business, developing talent, smart leadership, and organizations that dare to experiment and lead the way are all areas where successful companies will gain a competitive advantage over others. Just like any other successful company that wants to grow and succeed, Adacta is well along this journey. We are launching new technologies, investing in people, and expanding our knowledge and competences, all with the aim of offering our clients every solution possible that could make their business a success as well.

"The best companies are constantly reinventing themselves and investing in talent to do it," 

concluded Matjaž Fajfar.

Increase people's hidden potential

Sara Isaković, Motivational Speaker

Sara Isaković, a silver medal winner from the Olympic Games, joined us on stage to highlight a different perspective on our business – people’s ability to perform better. 

Sara graduated from Berkeley and earned her postgraduate degree in San Diego in the field of performance psychology. She is pursuing her professional career of helping athletes and businessmen discover and increase their true potential. All of us are facing the challenge of being better, more productive and not burned out.

With short and in somehow provocative questions about our presence and authenticity in personal and business lives, Sara has left us thinking hard about how we can be more productive, more present and less stressed-out.

Evergreen ERP

Iztok Juvan, Chief Technology Officer, Adacta

In recent years, ERPs have really advanced from robust and inflexible systems to user-friendly cloud solutions characterized by the numerous possibilities for extensions, integrations or automatic updates.

In his presentation, Iztok highlighted the typical drawbacks of the implementation of a new ERP system and why many companies today “stop in their tracks” when it comes to an ERP upgrade and why new “Evergreen ERPs” are really a big step towards the digital transformation of a company.

“There are two options: adapting your own processes to a standard solution or adapting a solution. The fact is that there will always be customizations, at least in the areas of integration and adjustments that are necessary for the company to gain a competitive advantage,"

said Iztok in his evergreen presentation. 

Put the customer at the heart of your business - the CRM story of NLB Belgrade bank

We will always be inspired by honest stories delivered from first-hand experience. This was the case when Mr. Bojan Vesić, Head of Marketing and CRM at NLB Belgrade, showcased the project of deploying CRM within their company and spoke candidly about all the complications and "un-complications" that accompany such projects. With the new CRM solution, the company made a major step forward in terms of improving customer satisfaction and driving process automation.

Milan Maksić, CRM Team Manager, Adacta and Bojan Vesić, Head of Marketing and CRM, NLB Belgrade

Connected technology for the business of the future

The next awesome demonstration really amazed us! This on-stage demo integrated some of the very best business technologies available today - Azure IoT Central, Microsoft Flow, Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service and AR remote assistance. We were able to see the tremendous power of new integrated cloud-based technologies.

Andrej Černivec, CRM Team Manager and Eva Vičar,  Application Consultant, Adacta

Andrej showed the process of integrating the new technologies on stage and demonstrated how the IoT device can report a machine malfunction to the Azure IoT Central. With the help of the Microsoft Flow, the case is then forwarded to the Dynamics 365 Connected Field service system and generates an automated ticket for the closest and fastest field service representative available. When help is needed in the field, AR remote assistance shows its real power. After the work is completed, the invoice is then automatically generated in the ERP system. This is technology that really helps us become businesses of the future.

Virtual reality

Some of you have ventured into the world of virtual reality, where Martin Vovk, VR Expert at Adacta, took you through some amazing scenarios. New AR and VR technologies, which many global companies, such as BMW or Nestle, are already using in their business, have already received significant attention in our region. We are happy to introduce it to any companies in our country who want to embark on this journey.

Martin Vovk, VR Expert, Adacta

Machine learning-based customer segmentation

In the afternoon, we moved on to more detailed presentations.

Božidara Cvetković, PhD, Machine Learning Expert, and Martin Frešer, Data Scientist, both from Adacta, brought us closer to algorithms and segmentation. In their presentation, Boža and Martin walked us through the benefits of using AI and showed us how to apply machine learning algorithms to model customer behaviour and make predictions about  customer behaviour.

Božidara Cvetković, PhD, Machine Learning Expert and Martin Frešer, Data Scientist, Adacta

PowerApps workshops for everyone looking for extra “power”

In an interesting presentation, Alexander, Technology Evangelist at Adacta, showed us the benefits of PowerApps and assured us that applications are a new power in the hands of business users, since we can prepare them ourselves without any additional programming knowledge. PowerApps, Power platform and some real use cases of how PowerApps can help our business were shown on stage.

Aleksander Mavec, Technological Evangelist, Adacta

Following-up on this topic, Sandi will deliver two hands-on PowerApp workshops. You can find more information and apply here: Adacta's Academy.

"There is no intelligent business without intelligent people"

These are the words of Saška Štubler, Head of HRM at Adacta, which we wholeheartedly agree with.

Adacta offers two modern HRM solutions: Talent for Dynamics 365 for SMB companies and Cornerstone OnDemand, a leading global enterprise HR solution.

Saška Štubler, Head of HRM Solution Department, Adacta

Big Data and Qlik

We went big for the conclusion of the event - Boris Obradov from Adacta Zagreb brought us closer to Big Data and the innovations introduced by Qlik in the field of big data management.

Boris Obradov, Sales and BD Manager, Adacta Zagreb

See you next year!

Thank you all for coming and making this event special. We believe we addressed many technologies and business challenges, although we left some for the next time as always.

If you were intrigued by any of our presentations, let us know – we will be glad to stop by and discuss these topics further. 

See you again next year!

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