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A day off for parents of first grade kids at Adacta

Do you remember your first day at school? I am sure you do!  So much joy and adrenaline in just one day, a whole box ful of new feelings and a class of young people who will spend the best years of childhood and youth together for the following 8 – 9 years.

However, it's not just a day to remember for the kids – there are also their parents, who are there to watch them take their first steps into school life, knowing that their kids are growing up too fast. It seems like just yesterday that they were babies and now they are sitting there in the classroom, hungry for knowledge.

At Adacta we are like a big family. And when we say big, we mean big! The number of kids of employees from our offices in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Osijek and Belgrade that are in primary school is 98, and this year we have 15 first graders.

We want to offer our employees a family friendly environment, and a part of our mission is to help them during the first day of school with a day off for parents of first graders.

And of course we haven't forgotten about the first graders themselves either!  In all three countries first graders will get an Adacta bag full of surprises 😊 


We asked Tanja, one of the first grader parents at Adacta, what she remembers about her first day at school:

“I don't remember much from my first day of school.  But I do remember that I felt important and was proud to be beginning school, and as always was eager to learn new things and meet new friends. I still have a photo that was taken that day.  I was sitting at the first desk facing my teacher and I had the biggest smile on my face😊 I believe that that day was a big and positive day for me.” 



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