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Lunch with the CEO

The purpose of the CEO lunch program is to spend 2-3 hours with the CEO and talk about everyone’s experiences at the company.

The agenda is simple: a taxi picks up 5 randomly selected employees from different age groups, different departments and with different lengths of employment at the company. They then join the CEO for lunch at one of the best restaurants in Ljubljana - Cubo restaurant.


Blaž Strle is a CEO with an open door policy, which means that his door is always open for any questions, issues, suggestions or problems that employees may have. He started his career as a consultant before becoming the head of the CRM department, and for the last 6 months Blaž has had a new and most important role – CEO of Adacta Dynamics. The fact that he has been progressing his career within the company gives him a special connection with all the employees. 

The main benefits of lunch with the CEO are:

  • Gathering insights as people talk – the CEO recaps them so everyone knows they have been heard
  • Employees have the opportunity to raise questions
  • It helps everyone get to know each other better – Now we are company with almost 500 employees and there are a lot of newcomers.
  • Increased employee engagement
  • A chance to bond
  • A free lunch 😉 Who doesn’t like free food? Especially if it is at one of the best restaurants in the town 


We asked Blaž what he thinks about having lunch with employees.

The 'Lunch with the CEO' initiative gives everyone a (rare) opportunity to establish relationships with co-workers across different departments. It’s a relaxing 2-3 hours where anyone can share ideas, provide feedback and ask anything. It’s not just about me getting to better know employees and vice-versa, it's also about getting to know co-workers from other departments and establishing new relationships. For me it's always an exciting experience, not knowing exactly how it will go and where it will end – remember, any question is allowed!

Blaž Strle, CEO, Dynamics  


»I had a really good time at lunch with Blaž and my co-workers from other departments. It's always good to know what people do in other departments, since we do not have the chance to talk very often. And the food was so good I didn't even need to have dinner later that day 😊 

Žan, Software Developer, 8 months, Business Intelligence department 

This was an excellent experience. It was interesting to spend a few hours in good company, with good food, and to be able to talk about work and other non-work related topics. Btw, the steak was superb! 

Matej, Software Architect, 8 years, MS Dynamics AX

It's a good opportunity to meet and spend time with co-workers from other departments, who you usually don’t know very well, and to listen to their experiences and views. Don’t forget to write down everything you want to ask the CEO :)

Katja, NAV Consultant, 8 years, MS Dynamics NAV

The time really flew by that afternoon. The food was amazing and I got to talk with other colleagues and my former manager, who is now the CEO. Don't hesitate, join Adacta... At least you won't be hungry! :)

Klemen, Software Developer, 2 years. CRM department

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