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From India to Croatia in the heart of Business Intelligence Department

Sariga, if you would choose 3 adjectives to describe Adacta’s culture, what would they be? Open-minded, talented and ambitious.

When and why did you join Adacta as a Business Intelligence Consultant, what initially drew you to the company?

I joined Adacta in August 2018. I was looking for a suitable job after I moved to Croatia from India with my husband.
Job profile, my interactions with interviewers and Adacta’s Facebook page led me to choose Adacta over others. And to date, I am glad I made that decision 

What is the job of Business Intelligence Consultant like at Adacta? What is a typical day like for you?

Each day as a BI Consultant is all about finding solutions to client’s problems and help them perform better at their jobs.
This involves a good amount of time talking with customers to understand their problems better or to train them with our solution or get their feedback on our solution.
And another big chunk in understanding data, developing, implementing and maintaining BI Solutions.

What are the pros and cons of being a Business Intelligence Consultant?

Being a BI Consultant, you are benefitted with continuous learning (industry knowledge, data analytics etc.), ability to use creative side in designing BI solutions, the autonomy and nevertheless, and constantly improvising from the challenges you face every day.
On the other hand, it requires you to spend a lot of time in data cleansing (misspellings, the difference in data types etc).

What does it take to be a Business Intelligence Consultant?

Hard skills for BI solutions development including ETL, data modelling, and visualizations development along with a flair for data analysis and problem-solving are always assets for BI Consultant.
At the same time, soft skills to understand customers' requirements to provide tailored solutions are necessary to become successful.

Who would you recommend Adacta as an employer to?

I would recommend Adacta to anyone ambitious, tech enthusiast, flexible and interested in working with a company which cares for its employees and promotes a friendly and dynamic working environment.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be?

When I was young, my ambitions' list kept on getting bigger with the movies I watched, the stories I read, the places I visited or the real-life inspirations I met. The list had mountain guide, detective, The President and astronaut, just to name a few. I still keep on adding as well as deleting things from that list because I believe ambitions have great positive power.

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