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BI Consultant and Developer with a practical mathematics background

Gaja is a postgraduate student of Quantitative Finance at the Faculty of Economics (graduated Practical Mathematics at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics). She works as a Consultant and Developer in the Business Intelligence department.
At the age of twenty-one she moved to Dublin where she worked for the biggest Irish bank, and travelled most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And this is just for starters!

Your story began in your third year at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics when, as a student of practical mathematics, you were given an excellent career opportunity in Dublin. Tell us more about the experience that you gained aged twenty-one.

I was always eager to learn and gain experience. I never rested in my search for the next step. It was natural to me to apply for anything that would help my progress, and getting an interview for a position as a financial analyst fitted in with this mentality perfectly. Even though I was young and inexperienced, they offered me the position based on my self-confidence. They were certain I could handle the challenges. At first, I was reprogramming stress tests for banks and soon enough theory became practice. With just two day’s notice, I moved to Dublin where I worked for the biggest Irish bank, supporting stress tests and developing a reporting tool for the entire company. I went from a school desk to an international banking environment in just a matter of weeks. It was a big challenge, theoretically and practically, since I had to gain knowledge of banking strategies and terms as well as the programming language I was working with, but I completed the tasks I was given with great quality and received many compliments on my work. I appreciated the opportunity to experience life in Dublin and I loved the challenges, but mostly I still cannot pride myself enough on how much trust the company put in me without any second thoughts.

Why did you decide to send a job application to Adacta? How did you find out about us?

Even though my work in Dublin could have been extended until the end of the year, I had to return. I missed plenty of exams in my last year of uni and it was important to me to finish what I’d started. I also knew I was meant to stay in my home country and cherish my roots. Both getting my diploma and settling down in Slovenia were big enough reasons to bring me back. However, once you start climbing the ladder, there’s only one way left to go—up! If I could handle both university and work until now , I had every intention of keeping it up. While I was still in Ireland, I continued my search for jobs through the careers page of our university, which had proven effective before. I also wanted something stable, something that wasn't directed entirely by luck or opportunity. The first and only position I was interested in was Adacta. I remember the almost playful way of inviting people to collaborate — a hospitable invitation for an individual to share his/her strengths with the wolf pack. I remember wanting to be a part of such a pack, where I could grow, learn, show my abilities and be appreciated for it. And now I am!

How would you describe your work at Adacta? Did you have any previous knowledge which helped you achieve your work in such a short time before Adacta? What have you had to learn on your own?

I work as a consultant and developer in the Business Intelligence department. We produce informative interactive tools for companies which want to improve their performance. We are both computer- and client-oriented. When I began, I had knowledge of different programming languages, but not in the one Adacta uses . Before starting work, I had to pass a test, which mainly involved finding my way around the program without expert help. It was enough for me to get a grip on how things worked and then all the rest came along with logical deduction and the help of our mentors. If your mentality is set to understand programming languages, you will be there in no time.

Besides your work, you are also a postgraduate student of Quantitative Finance. How do you manage your time to enable you to do both?

It’s all about priorities and time management. I wish to keep both up, so all I need is just to time them correctly. Do not put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Every fifteen minutes count. Honestly, if you are quick and effective, you are left with plenty of free time to enjoy after all the hard work has been done.

We've heard that you have quite the wanderlust. Where have you already been and which place did you like the most till now?

I have travelled through most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Even though every trip had a different intention and a different outcome, all were special in their own way. If I had to choose the two most memorable trips , I would consider New Zealand as the trip for my soul, where nature represents peace and relaxation, and Scotland the trip for my brain, where the people I met gave me great insight and opened my eyes.

At Adacta, you are well known as one of the best multitaskers. Do you have any hobbies outside of work and university?

As I mentioned previously, I do everything on the principle of ‘The faster you finish, the quicker you're done’. For example, most of my clients operate later in the day, while I am a morning person. I get up at 6 am, and before work, I finish my training session or German lessons. I work when people need me to work which means we get more things done. Later there is still plenty of time to devote to studying, hanging out and reading, but never for slacking; that does not please either the work or the play part of life. Besides this , I also play the violin, I mountain-climb and I loooove to cook.

What do you like at Adacta the most? Who would you recommend the company to?

The energy, the team spirit, how people love to share their knowledge, the easy-going mentality where everything can be dealt with, the concern of the firm towards people who work for it, the playfulness, the mindfulness, the »feels-like-home« environment, respect, and acknowledgement of one’s effort and success.
I recommend the company to anyone who knows what they are capable of, who knows who they want to become and are ready to give their best and gain even more.

Gaja, you are only twenty-two and you’ve already had so many experiences. Tell us, what are your plans?

If I were already certain of that, I would lose all the excitement of exploration . I am positive I will choose the right path—after all, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Which three words would describe Adacta the best ?

Playground of knowledge.

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