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Utilities CRM - a CRM solution developed for the utility industry. 

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Utilities CRM serves utility leaders

Winning in the highly competitive utilities market requires streamlined operations, fast reaction to market changes, quick deployment of innovative products and superior customer service while keeping operational costs low.

Utilities CRM Solution provides out-of-the-box CRM functionalities for supporting specific utilities sector operations. It is targeted at utilities companies that would like to quickly establish a CRM solution without compromising on functionality. It incorporates a set of industry-specific pre-developed Microsoft Dynamics CRM modules and predefined guided processes which can be further optimized and selectively included in the final solution.

Utilities CRM features

Be one step ahead of your customer with easy to follow 360° customer view and 6 outstanding Utilities CRM features.


Recent opportunities

Boost sales with proactive approach. Track new, open, won and lost opportunities including competition information. Always know current opportunity status and when, what and who is responsible for the next sales step.


Be ahead of your customer by always knowing what to do next. Utilize collected customer data to predict next best actions and next best offers based on business events, historical data, renewals, segmentation results or external recommendation engine.

Customer information

Make informed decisions based on up to date customer information including contracts, connections, invoices, payments and consumption data synchronized with the core system.

Important information

Keep most important customer information at hand, such as customer segment, rating, outstanding amount, annual consumption, etc.

Billing and Payment Info

Quick overview of most important billing and payment parameters and statuses, including invoicing channel, method and terms of payment, invoicing type, outstanding amount, blocked customer info, etc.

Recent cases

Know customer current and recent issues and act accordingly. CRM ensures all customer inquiries - regardless of communication channel - are stored in one place and easily accessible directly within 360 customer screen.

Utilities CRM Product Brochure:

Discover how can an utility company benefit from recognizing customer's key life events and see examples of tracking sales and marketing performance.

Why Dynamics CRM and why Adacta

"Microsoft has been recognized by the top analytical firms and independent consultancies as the leader in delivering the most advanced, powerful and flexible CRM solution in the market – Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We are delighted to partner with IT leaders such as our Microsoft Dynamics partner Adacta to bring our clients in the Utilities industry the CRM solution and industry know-how they need to survive and thrive in today´s competitive environment. Utility companies need a CRM solution that will enable them to provide superior service to their customers quickly and efficiently, empower their sales and marketing teams and provide instant access and collaboration capabilities anytime, anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, coupled with the utilities industry expertise and engineering skills of our partners, delivers on that promise by giving our clients the tools and knowledge they need to win, serve and retain their customers."

Tatjana Lukić, Regional Director, Microsoft Business Solutions - Adriatics, Balkans, Baltics & CIS at Microsoft, In

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Utilities industry is a perfect example of the spectrum in which the truly successful companies have understand the difference between what are customer centric processes, and what can be described as transactional processes - fail to understand this key difference, and your company will surely fail in the long term.


For a wide range of businesses, large and small, customer relationship management (CRM) systems are the most critical system when it comes to customer contact. However, in this day and age the biggest importance no longer resides within CRM – it is almost guaranteed that your Call Center will be the first contact you have with the customer, and you should be placing additional focus there.


While digital transformation may be a buzzword, it is an important buzzword. Consumer behaviour is changing rapidly, and companies are losing control over the sales process. It used to be that a customer came to a store, was greeted with a salesperson with a smile on their face to be convinced into the product they need.


Customer evidence

Case study | Eles

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Public company ELES used a proprietary internally developed IT system that was being developed for more than 20 years. The solution no longer provided the company management with the right information - accurate...

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Case study | Gen-I

Solution: ERP, CRM | Products: Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365, Utilities.CRM | Industry: Utility & Energy

GEN-I Group’s core activity is international trading in electricity and natural gas and supplying end users, which includes corporate customers as well as household consumers. Company's expansion to new countries required a new...

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