Get ready for the digital age
Insurance in the cloud

Digitalize operations, empower your workforce and bring value to your insurance business with Adacta's Cloud Solution for Insurers running on Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform.

The digital insurer

The right tool can make all the difference and the leading players in the insurance industry are increasingly relying on industry standard business software to lead the way.

Your front-end and back-end fully connected and fully digital

The digital insurer is a complete solution, an ecosystem that brings together industry-leading solutions such as AdInsure insurance platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and Microsoft Cloud (Azure) to provide insurers with everything they need to run a complete insurance infrastructure in the cloud. 

A next-generation IT system is the new reality, bringing modernized and standardized systems that improve information responsiveness when implementing new insurance products and arm the sales channels with the right sales tools. It allows you to connect with emerging technology and partners, providing a solid foundation for managing data and making better and faster decisions.

Digitalize and transform your insurance business

with cloud-ready technology.

Industry standard solution

Allows insurers to consolidate on industry-leading platforms – Adinsure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure Cloud platforms.

One platform

A single platform at the core of your digital transformation supports personal and commercial lines and life and non-life insurance.

Open platform

The solution allows you to connect to any future technology, partner, client, service provider or Insurtech.

Predefined core processes

Support for the complete insurance product lifecycle – from product configuration and policy management to claims management and reinsurance.


Adopt predefined capabilities or configure your own insurance products and workflows adjusted to reflect your specific business needs.

Be ready for the digital age

Bring online and offline worlds together with a single cloud-based platform.

Put your customers front and centre of your insurance business

Your customers are changing and so should you. Dynamics 365 puts fully 360-degree customer view right at your fingertips: policyholder information, customer contact information, summary views of policies, billing information and records and customer claims data are all available and up to date. Customize dashboards based on the role (agent, call-centre agent, sales manager) and department (sales, marketing, customer support).

Get ready for your digital-savvy customers with full omnichannel support and give them an opportunity to interact with you using their preferred channel of communication: from AI-powered chatbots to traditional call-centre interactions.

Digitalize your back-office operations

AdInsure provides a complete set of applications to support your core operations – underwriting, policy administration, billing and claims management. AdInsure comprises 10 modules, covering health, life and non-life insurance and all processes within insurance companies.

Empower your workforce

Real-time synchronization between CRM and AdInsure enables complete 360-degree view of policy holders adjusted to the role. Don't miss out on the important upcoming tasks when your agents interact with your customers: renewals, billing information or cross-sell opportunities.

Sales Agents

One front-end solution with 360-degree customer view adapted for agents: renewals, billing information, policies, claims data, activities, tasks, customized dashboards.

Call-center support

Claim-handling process enables users to record and track claim event data, collect and process required documents, adjust reserves and handle claimant communication.


Support for multiple underwriting levels of authorization. Underwriters can confirm or reject quotes and issue counteroffers.


Designed for your accounting, reinsurance and money collection teams.


Plan and execute digital marketing activities and marketing campaigns. Establish a central point for all new leads ready for distribution to the relevant salespeople. 

Adacta‘s references in the insurance industry

18 insurance companies in 9 countries use Adacta’s insurance related expertise and solutions to run their business.

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