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Transform your insurance business with business intelligence designed for insurance companies.

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Insurance.BI for Life, Non-life and Health Insurance

Insurance.BI provides business users with innovative analytical and decision-making capabilities.

Key benefits of Insurance.BI:

  • All reporting (standard, regulatory, custom specific) in one place
  • Performance management - Manage operational targets and on all levels of hierarchy
  • Effective and timely analysis of all insurance data - Sales targets and results, product profitability and risk profiling, claims and loss ratio
  • Powerful BI tool - Qlik is a leader in Gartners Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms
  • Insurance data model - Data warehouse model, adapted specifically for property & casualty insurance companies and optimized reporting
  • Insurance specific functionalities

Insurance.BI Product Brochure:

With innovative tehnology and an intuitive user interface, Insurance.BI empowers users across the entire insurance company.

Supported modules

You can start with what you need for your business today and gradually build up your BI ecosystem according to your needs, budget and priorities.

Agency & Insurance Brokers

  • Sales & Revenue Analysis
  • Customer Targeting
  • Broker / Agency Analysis
  • Sales Performance Analysis
  • Online Channel Performance


  • Integrating Underwriting & Claims
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Subrogation
  • Processing and Fast Tracking
  • Reserve Adequacy


  • Integrating Underwriting & Claims
  • Loss Ratio Analysis
  • Policy Portfolio Analysis
  • Optimize Approval Process
  • Resource Allocation


  • Portfolio Management & Analysis
  • Investment Performance & Profitability
  • Investment Research
  • Scenario / What-if Analysis

Operations, it, backoffice

  • Expense Management
  • Financial & Management Reporting
  • P&L Analysis by LOB 
  • Fund Accounting / GL
  • IT Systems & SLA 
  • Management

Executive Management

  • Executive Dashboards and Mobile
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Predictive / What-If Analysis
  • Product Performance
  • Performance, Margins, 
  • Commissions

Risk Management & Compliance

  • Actuarial Loss Triangles
  • Risk & Exposure Analysis
  • Credit, Market, Portfolio, Operational
  • Cross-Product / 
  • Counterparty Risk

Marketing & Product Management

  • Customer Retention
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell
  • Customer Profitability & Segmentation
  • Product Performance 
  • Analysis
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis

Premium analysis

Quickly change the view with an easy "drag and drop" system.


Policies by Channel:

Broker vs Direct

Policies by Gender &
Average Premium

Premium by Age Group

Historical Trends

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Customer evidence

Case study | Adriatic Slovenica

Solution: BI, ERP | Products: Dynamics NAV, Qlik | Industry: Insurance

Adriatic Slovenica is the second largest insurance company in Slovenia, with a highly developed market network and a wide range of services in the area of life, medical and property insurance.Adriatic Slovenica believes...

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