Hospitality.CRM - a CRM solution for the utility industry.
CRM solution for improving your guest experience
Hospitality CRM

Delight your guests through an effective customer journey. 

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Improve your guests experience

Hospitality.CRM is comprehensive CRM software develped for the hospitality industry with the aim to improve your guest experience. Hospitality.CRM enables tracking of your guest information and interactions in one place.

Hospitality.CRM solution provides out-of-the-box CRM functionalities for supporting specific hospitality sector operations. It is targeted at companies operating in the hospitality industry that would like to quickly establish a CRM solution without compromising on functionality. It incorporates a set of industry-specific pre-developed Microsoft Dynamics CRM modules and additionally developed CRM functionalities for the hospitality.

Central guest 

Hospitality.CRM puts your guests at the center of your business by providing all relevant information about your guest in one place.

Hospitality.CRM 360° Customer View

Be one step ahead of your customer with easy to follow 360° customer view and 6 outstanding Utilities CRM features.


Central guest profile

Central guest profile created from data collected in PMS during the reservation process.


Shortucts crated to easily access all important information: reservations, guest's interests, marketing activities, vouchers, loyalty program information.

Deep Insights

Deep insight and a full view of your guest's preferences.

Contact information

All contact information and contact preferencec of your guest in one place.

Hospitality.CRM Product Brochure:

Discover how can you can benefit from tracking your guest journey and recognize moments for making an impression.

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