Business Intelligence for
FMCG and retailers

The ability to make better business decisions with the help of analytics is the key to improving business performance in the retail and FMCG industry.

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Take control over your supply chain

Business intelligence and analytics for retailers and FMCG companies.

Consolidate data, gain real-time insights and make better decisions

Price pressures, fierce competition, demanding consumers and strict regulation are dictating the overall business performance of companies operating in the FMCG and retail segment. Companies that are staying ahead in this business are aware the consolidation of the entire supply chain and “controlling” a consumer is a must. With the enormous amount of data generated in this companies and with the need to analyse data on the go there is only one solution you can use to stay not only in the game but going forward in this fiercely competitive environment.

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Supported modules

You can start with what you need for your business today and gradually build up your BI ecosystem according to your needs, budget and priorities.

Finance, Governance & Executive

  • Dashboards & balanced scorecards
  • Budgeting & performance
  • Consolidation, reporting
  • Cash flow & P/L reports


  • Total profitability calculation
  • Expected vs real profitaiblity
  • Alocation rules
  • Promotion effectivnes
  • Cost price calculation including direct and indirect costs
  • Multi level profitability by product, product group, customers, regions

Marketing & Brand Management

  • Deep customer insights 
  • Promotional campaign analysis
  • Social network analysis
  • Basket analysis
  • Brand share & value

Merchandising & Purchase

  • Assortment planning 
  • Purchasing efficiency
  • Vendor performance analysis
  • Price & revenue management
  • Category analysis

Sales & Customer Management

  • Gross contribution & margins 
  • Multi-channel cross-selling & up-selling efficiency
  • Budgeting, planning, forecasting & tracking
  • Sales agreements, incentives

Store Management

  • Store performance
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Customer service analysis
  • Loss prevention and fraud detection
  • Store development

IT & Human Resources

  • HR management 
  • Work and salary scheduling
  • IT services, SLA’s, resource efficiency
  • Compliance, security and data management
  • Long-term IT assets and licenses

Warehouse & Logistics

  • Inbound and outbound logistic analysis
  • Warehouse costs and performances
  • Order management cycle times and fulfilment costs
  • Damaged goods, write off and refunds
  • Out of stock
  • Sales and demand forecast

Retail & FMCG Product Brochure:

Discover how can an insurance company benefit from recognizing customer's key life events and see examples of tracking sales and marketing performance.

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Consumer Sales

See goods of you company through the eyes of the consumer and understand his behaviour. Analyse sales data in which every way you prefer – by sales representative, region, product. Set-up your own metrics to set targets and forecast future sales performance.

See how you can easily:

  • Setup your KPI Dashboard
  • Dive deep into Sales and Margin Analysis
  • See rep performance in one glance
  • Control your budget
  • Learn from the historical sales data and predict the future sales

Market Share Analytics

With this app you will be able to get insights into market share by product and brand across different territories. Additionally you can benchmark the competition.

With this app you can:

  • Analyse market share across product categories and sub-categories,
  • Detailed analysis of product categories compared to competition,
  • Key marketing brand metrics such as attractive packaging, creative advertisement, loyalty and value for money,
  • Growth forecast highlights winning products and brands,
  • Geography analysis helps to determine which markets are most likely to grow and are worth investing in.

Inventory & Product Availability

Gain real-time visibility on your inventory and product availability at any point in time and all inventory levels (in store, depot and in transit). Detect potential bottlenecks and out of stock measures and easily find potential sources of replenishment and compare your inventory with actual sales data.

With this app you will be able to perform:

  • Detailed item analysis
  • Distribution analysis
  • Days on hand
  • Item overs & shorts
  • Low stock impact

Store Site Collection & Performance

Customer behaviour analysis is key to understand your customers better and to plan your business for the future. Here are some typical analysis and reports you can get with this app:

  • Potential reach of stores
  • Store performance drill down
  • Preferred store, driving distance to the store
  • Potential shop location analysis and potential for new location

Retail Margin Erosion

With this app you can easily:

  • Markdown analysis by store format, product category, stores and locations
  • An insight into margin erosion
  • Reduction of markdown by product

Retail Omnichannel Analytics

With this app you will get an Omni-channel view of sales, inventory and consumer data across all shopping channels, offline and digital. You will be able to see sales across channels, analyse returns, how customers shop by channels, detailed customer demographics, correlations between different segment of population and sales, and additionally see how the weather conditions influence shopping behavior.

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