Power BI for Dynamics 365

Benefit from insights into your data with pre-defined reporting and analytics for your Dynamics ERP, covering all main areas of your business - sales, payables and receivables, procurement and inventory. Power BI Quick Templates give you a complete overview of all the important information about your business..

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Power BI for Dynamics 365 ERP

Start your journey into the hidden world of your ERP data with Power BI - a primary analytics and reporting tool for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Power BI Quick Start Templates

Your Dynamics ERP stores important information about your business. You know your data is there, but how to get it onto the surface? With Power BI Quick Start Templates, you can now easily get a complete overview of the most important parts of your business. 

Working with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems (and customers) for more than 2 decades, we know exactly what you need to get started. This is why we have developed a set of pre-defined reports, that are quick and easy to deploy, include rich content and boast attractive design. 

If you want to go further, you can add more data sources – take your Excel templates, budgeting and planning data and other data sources that are important for your business and import them into your Power BI.

Interested to see Power BI in action? Watch the demo:

Power BI Reports

Choose from a variety of predefined reports covering all your main business processes. Define and measure KPI's, compare two time periods, carry out what-if analyses and profit from the real-time analytics of your business. Don’t wait for your colleagues to deliver the missing parts – be independent and explore your data and customize dashboards.

Sales Analysis

  • Sales
  • Customers
  • Items
  • Receivables
  • What if

Payables & Receivables Analysis

  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Turnover Receivables

Purchase Analysis

  • Vendors
  • Items

Inventory Analysis

  • Item sales
  • Stock value
  • Turnover
  • Aging
  • Additional custom analyses

We have a plan for you

Choose the right plan for your business. Not sure what you need? Contact us and we will be glad to help you. 

Basic undefined Proundefined Premiumundefined
Type of reports
Type of reports

Sales Basic



Payables & Receivables
Payables & Receivables Basic



Purchase & Inventory
Purchase & Inventory Basic

Reports Basic 9 pre-defined Reports
Premium 15 pre-defined Reports
Pro custom
Records Basic up to 5 mio
Premium up to 10 mio
Pro up to 15 mio
Companies1 1 1
Import plan
Import plan Basic pre-defined Excel format
Premium Excel format
Pro custom
Power BI pro users
Power BI pro users Basic undefined 2-5
Premium undefined 6-10
Pro undefined 11-20 
Customizations Basic 5 MD Premium 10 MD Pro 20 MD

Power BI Dashboards

Intuitive and customizable dashboards will summarize all your data and give you freedom while exploring their correlations and meaning. Dive deep into the world of your business with Power BI.

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