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Boost revenue and make customers happy with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service

Manufacturing companies that sell devices and gadgets to consumers and businesses and many other service companies, such as telcos, are increasingly aware of how critical great customer service is. Recent studies have shown that companies that ignore customer service will lose their market share, while those who focus on it will increase their margins by up to 35% (PA Consulting).

All mixed reality technologies will have a massive impact on our lives in the future

When we think of the coronavirus, most of us are initially concerned with our health and our holiday plans. But another area critically impacted by the virus is business. Not least because of the limitations the virus is putting on our ability to travel. As many industries rely on the knowledge of specialists who travel to locations all over the globe to assist for instance local technicians, the inability to travel presents a legitimate threat to these companies.

Buying a new machine? What about optimal planning?

Business growth regarding production depends on the ability of a company to produce more products. If the number of orders increases and production capacity approaches the maximum operational capabilities, the management team needs to start to consider investing in new production capacity products.


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