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Adacta recognized as 2019 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for Slovenia

2019 Partner of the Year Award Goes to Adacta!
Adacta is proud to announce it has won the 2019 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Slovenia. 

Cornerstone Implementation - Eating your own dog food - Part 1

The role of HR is changing - HR professionals are now marketers, designers, and supply and demand experts. As with all companies, Adacta are challenged with a war for talent. At the start of 2019 we decided to implement CornerStone OnDemand in Adacta-Group internally first to truly represent, – the 'eating your own dog food principle'.

Cornerstone Integration - Eating your own dog food - Part 2

In our previous blog post, we discussed the possibilities of running CSOD implementations from a PM perspective, and from experience we can probably all agree that interfaces and integrations between multiple solutions can be expensive and time-consuming.

The most valuable experience from an internship - teamwork

Everyone has to start somewhere, and why not in a company which specialises in your field of interest?
Meet Daniel - a third-year Computer Technician student from Vegova – the Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering High School, Ljubljana.

Daniel wants to kick-start his career as a programmer, so he has used his Adacta internship opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in IT before continuing his studies in October 2019. During the one-month internship he gained a lot of real-life work experience!  Check out his highlights from his month at Adacta:

Adacta has a VR demo room for industry

Virtual reality has been tied to gaming for a while, but as the technology progresses it is also used in many industries in various capacities. Some examples of industries where VR is used include - Engineering, Energy, Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, Construction, Real estate and many more.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at ADACTA!

The Virtual Reality revolution is already here – and it isn’t only for gaming. Augmented Reality is also becoming a part of our lives and it is no longer just about the Pokémon GO game.

Unified Commerce Day: The Digital Future of Retail and Hospitality

Many retailers are challenged when it comes to being flexibile and agile. Keeping up with ever-changing customer expectations, maintaining customer loyalty, managing internal communication within the company, finding the best techology solutions that's specially created for the retail industry – these are some of the major challenges in retail industry. But, how to successfully deal with these challenges today?

Business Administration is just a first step in your career at Adacta

Tina is a student of Management Studies at the Faculty of Economics. She applied for this position because she was  aware of the importance of acquiring early work experience. She has always wanted to work in a dynamic and international environment where she would  have a lot of career options after she finishes her studies. This is why she decided to try her luck,  so she sent her CV and  made it to Adacta!

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5 Takeaways from DIA Amsterdam

The thing I like the most about the Digital Insurance Agenda concept is its orientation towards building a Community (a social one) rather than just being a single annual event that shuts down as soon as the attendees leave the venue. This means you are able to connect with the community members before, during and after the event.

Adacta and Raiffeisen bank in a Big Data student competition

Mozgalo, the first and the only student competition in the deep analysis of large amounts of data and the creation of a Big Data solutions took place in Zagreb, Croatia.


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