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Zagreb Adacta day 2018: Empower Your Business

How to empower your business, society, people, and ability to innovate and transform were some of the main topics presented at the Zagreb Adacta Day 2018 that took place on Thursday, 8 November, at the Esplanade hotel in Zagreb. On stage, we hosted Croatian and international speakers in addition to our experts coming from Adacta. It was a chance to share some news, inspire and socialize with customers and partners.

Krešimir Mlinarić, director of Adacta Zagreb, in his opening speech, reminded everyone that the last year’s main topic of the conference was digital transformation, while today we can say that digital initiatives are already present and business models need to be adapted to those changes.

“It is difficult to predict what concepts and new business models are expected in the future because we do not know what the detonators of change will be and who will be our competitors. The only thing we can do is to strengthen ourselves to be ready for what changes future brings. Usually, the idea for innovation comes from the need to solve a problem, but for any innovation, we need people, knowledge, and skills. We should be able to capitalize on the potential of human capital, and the speed of change should be at least the same kind of change that is happening around us. We should not be afraid of change, but we should try, test, and change for a better future.”

Krešimir Mlinarić, Director, Adacta Zagreb

Ratko Mutavdzic, Cloud services director in Microsoft, as part of his ‘Empower your Society’ presentation pointed out that to understand the change, sometimes it is necessary to go back to the past. But the big question is, how will our future really look like? Strong transformations lead us into new forms of industry, and the digital economy leads us to new changes - which requires better organization and process management, as well as a significant change in business forms.


Ratko Mutavdzic, CEE PS Director Cloud Service, Microsoft

At the event there was a chance to introduce for the first time Cornerstone OnDemand solution, leading global human resource management solution. There are 3.350 companies and 28 million users in 192 countries around the world who use this platform for employee recruitment and management. Adacta has proudly become Cornerstone’s partner and will be providing this solution to the regional customers. Dr. Martin Stawowiak, Director of Sales Channel and Partnerships at Cornerstone OnDemand, introduced Cornerstone solution that can provide the chance to empower people through lifelong learning, intelligent decision making, feedback, development, and growth of young talents. Throughout the process, holistic and individual approaches are attracted to talents and enable them to track and plan their careers in the future. He concluded his presentation by emphasizing the growing importance of quality HR management strategies, especially in the digital economy, which Cornerstone solutions successfully support. 

Dr. Martin Stawowiak, Director Alliances & Channels, Cornerstone OnDemand

Dimitrije Trbović, CEO of AutoZubak, showed how new solutions can transform and open new dimensions for providing services in the automotive sector. The historical development of the automotive industry has experienced many changes, but some business segments have remained the same. i.e. car servicing yesterday seemed the same as it looks today. With the help of technology, new scenarios for the application of business models in the automotive industry are possible. On the example of the 360-degree platform developed in Auto Zubak, he has shown how technology can help to transform and prepare the business for the future generations. 


Dimitrije Trbović, CEO, Auto Zubak

If you have ever tried to help your kids with the math homework, we are sure you have discovered Photomath. Founder of this brilliant app with more than 100 million downloads around the world was a speaker who has presented the ‘Empower your ability to innovate’ topic. Damir Sabol, founder of Iskon, Microblink, and Photomath through the example of his own career, has shown how driven by entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas he was able to launch new businesses and innovative products to keep a competitive edge on the market. Through an example of software development and some failed projects, his ideas proved to be ahead of their time. Innovation usually comes from solving a problem, and if you have a quality product, good marketing is shown to be the key factor of success.


Damir Sabol, CEO, Microblink and Photomath

At the end of the morning programme we have proudly presented young robotics specials who we had a great chance to support in their work. Young Goran and Ivan have presented their work and achievements from the RoboCup World held in Canada this year. The audience was very touched and surprised by what 13-year old kids could do, and we could say that these two have stolen the show on the stage. 


Adacta experts and some partner guest speakers took the stage in the afternoon programme. It was a perfect chance to introduce new Microsoft Business Central solution to the existing customers as well as to share some excellent examples on how it is possible to empower and improve business using Microsoft Dynamics, Qlik and Cornerstone OnDemand solutions.

Want to join us next year? Watch this space for more news about Adacta day 2019.

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