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[WEBINAR]: Raise your customer service to the next level: Provide real-time customer support with CaféX Live Assist!

Join our free live webinars and see how you can use AI fuelled chatbots and live in-app customer service to help resolve customer issues faster, delight them with personal omnichannel journeys and increase their loyalty.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming customer support service – according to Forrester, 4 in 10 contact center decision makers are already exploring some form of AI technologies to differentiate their customer service. Artificial intelligence helps customer service agents complete repetitive, predictable tasks or even take over those tasks completely and interact with customers autonomously.

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Serbian, 2.3.2018, 11:00 am, REGISTER
Slovenian, 6.3.2018, 11:00 am, REGISTER
Croatian, 7.3.2018, 11:00 am, REGISTER

About Webinars

In this webinars we will demonstrate how Live Assist, Microsoft’s preferred omnichannel solution for Dynamics 365, embeds real-time assistance into mobile apps and web sites. You will have an opportunity to see AI-supported chatbots – virtual agents that can answer simple questions and guide your customers through online activities, thus reducing the engagement of your agents on the first line of support. When the communication with the chatbot assistant gets too complex, a real agent takes over, seamlessly continuing delivering support using chat or a voice or video call. You will see how your agents can use co-browsing and remotely help your customers complete any online activity – whether it’s finding the right information, finishing a purchase, filling out forms or uploading documents to your site. 

Webinars will be jointly organized by Microsoft’s partners Adacta and CaféX

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