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Unified Commerce Day: The Digital Future of Retail and Hospitality

Many retailers are challenged when it comes to being flexibile and agile. Keeping up with ever-changing customer expectations, maintaining customer loyalty, managing internal communication within the company, finding the best techology solutions that's specially created for the retail industry – these are some of the major challenges in retail industry. But, how to successfully deal with these challenges today?

"Unified Commerce Day" was the title of the event which was jointly organized by the companies Adacta and LS Retail in the hotel Radisson Collection Old Mill in Belgrade on June 28. This event was the perfect time and place to learn how to shape the future of retail through cutting edge solutions and how to keep pace with new trends on the market. Practical solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow were at the heart of this event.

Every company is a software company

Digital transformation in retail is rapidly unfolding as companies tap new technologies to offer consumers personalized, real-time digital capabilities they demand. This transformation includes how stores are using digital technology to revolutionise the in-store experience, how retailers are engaging with their customers, as well as reshaping everything from finding a local store to paying for goods without queuing up.

Through the lecture „Transforming for the era of Inteligent Retail and Hospitality“, Aleksandar Totović - PTS Dynamics 365 - CEE MCE at Microsoft, reminded us that in today's fast-changing world every company is a software company and every industry is being transformed by digital technology.


Aleksandar Totović - PTS Dynamics 365 - CEE MCE, Microsoft

Think big with LS Central Unified Commerce

After the topic of digital transformation, Katja Ocvirk – Regional Sales Manager Europe at LS Retail, spoke what unified commerce is, why companies need it in their retail business and how unified commerce solution enables them to follow the customer journey from a beginning to end and across all channels. During the presentation, Katja underlined six ways of transforming retail business:

  • Put the customer experience at the center
  • Become as flexibile as today's customers
  • Easily manage returns across all channels
  • Give the customers the visibility they demand
  • Offer experiences that go beyond traditional retail
  • Know your customers and get personal


Katja Ocvirk – Regional Sales Manager Europe, LS Retail

„The latest research has shown that 89% of retail businesses believe that, by 2020, most competition will be centered around the quality of the customer experience.“

LS Central – What is New?

It can be hard to deliver unforgettable customer experiences, but according to the words of Andrej Zejec – Technical Sales Executive from LS Retail, this can be easy with LS Central solution.


Andrej Zejec – Technical Sales Executive, LS Retail 

LS Central is a unified commerce system that helps you keep it all under control. All data is collected in one central place, so you can track sales, stock and productivity in real time, in all your locations, from the back office.

Through the presentation, Andrej Zajec used the demo application to show attendees all functionalities of LS Central solution.

A satisfied client is the best business strategy of all

How the implementation of LS Retail solution improved their business in retail, what the key benefits of this solution are, how their employees accepted the new technology in daily business, what the biggest retail challenges are in Serbia today and how they see a future trends in this industry– these were some of the main topics discussed during the panel which was organized at the end of the event.


Panel discussion: Mirko Marković, Nikoleta Vučinić, Nemanja Čukić

Panel discussion was lead by Mirko Marković – NAV Department Leader at Adacta Belgrade. Nikoleta Vučinić - Executive Director at KEPROM and Nemanja Čukić – CFO at Forma Ideale were panelist and spoke about their experience in implementation of the LS Retail solution.

Nevena Vasiljević

Marketing Specialist, Adacta Belgrade

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