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The Qlik Analytics Tour 2019: AI is the Future of Data and Analytics

The idea of using data to make better-informed decisions and drive changes in business is not new. However, the ability to do so effectively is just now starting to become widespread.

The Qlik Analytics Tour 2019 - AI in Action was successfully organized in the hotel Crown Plaza in Belgrade on September 19. It was a very busy day with more than 60 interested attendees. During the event there was a lot of knowledge transfer and our speakers had a possibility to talk with a passionate group of data and analytics leaders about using the Qlik Sense analytics platform to transform and reinvent business.

Data is what is driving the new economy

The event started with a warm welcome from Ivan Đolić – Country Manager and Bojan Glišović – Head of BI at Adacta Belgrade.


Ivan Đolić - Country Manager, Adacta 

"Analytics are what turns data into actionable insights that can transform businesses." - highlighted Ivan Đolić, Country Manager, Adacta Belgrade.

We've heard enough about AI - Now let's see it in action!

Marius Stoica - Coordinates Qlik Business in South East Europe at Qlik gave a very interesting presentation explaining the new Qlik’s powerful AI capabilities.


Marius Stoica - Coordinates Qlik Business in South East Europe, Qlik

 "Among modern BI vendors, only Qlik covers complete data and analytics journey – from integrating raw data to uncovering and sharing insights. Data Visualization is simply one step in the process – and while important, much more is needed in a complete analytics solution. Even though specific steps may differ from company to company, organizations need a solution with a full range of capabilities that spans the entire flow.

Finally, we seek to utilize AI and machine learning to automate and enhance capabilities across this entire spectrum. We are currently taking advantage of AI in numerous places, and we plan to expand our cognitive capabilities to support more areas going forward." – he pointed out.

Qlik Success Story – BI in Action at Renault Nissan Adriatic

Through the excellent customer story "BI in Action – Renault Nissan Adriatic", Tomislav Janakiev – Information System advisor dealers Serbia and ADEX at Renault Nissan Adriatic, gave attendees a chance to hear and ask the existing Qlik customers and users about their experiences working with the innovative business intelligence platform.


Tomislav Janakiev - Information System advisor dealers Serbia and ADEX, Renault Nissan Adriatic

AI and how we do it in Adacta

From Božidara Cvetković - Data Scientist at Adacta Group, we heard what artificial intelligence is, and how we use AI for forecasting and client behaviour modelling.


dr. Božidara Cvetković - Data Scientist, Adacta Group

How business can benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

By using the Qlik demo application at the end of event, Dragana Kukić – Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at Adacta Belgrade demonstrated the power of a few AI-driven capabilities in Qlik Sense analytics platform.


Dragana Kukić - Senior Business Intelligence Consultant, Adacta Beograd

Nevena Vasiljević

Marketing Specialist, Adacta Belgrade

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