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What the job of a Software Developer is like at Adacta with Rok

Rok, Software Developer - Microsoft Dynamics CRM, former student of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science.

Rok, tell us your story. When and why did you join Adacta? Why did you send us your CV?

My story at Adacta began in 2013, the summer after my first year of college when I was trying to apply for a job (any job at that time). I had tried working in a warehouse but figured out really fast that the job wasn't for me. So I started looking for a job in my field of education. After a few failed attempts to join other IT companies as a developer, a good friend who worked at Adacta at that time (CRM Department) recommended me to my current boss Blaž, who contacted me, asked me for my CV and then invited me for an interview. A few years later I signed my first contract and became Team Manager of the CRM Support department.

How would you describe the work of a Software Developer in the MS Dynamics team? What is exciting about it, and what is a typical day like?

      The great thing about working in the MS Dynamics Team is that you do different tasks all the time. One task might be to create services for sending SMS Messages, another to create integration between two systems, another maybe just to modify a user interface ... you don't have to do just one single thing. The great thing about this is that you get a lot of different knowledge, which you can put on your CV for the future. Tasks are changed all the time, and as a result your learning curve and level of interest rises steeply. . When I started working for Adacta, I was also provided with the shared knowledge of my co-workers and my mentor Igor, who helped me to improve , not just as a developer, but as a person. With his help and help from the whole team, I became more confident and a better developer.

      Did you have any technical knowledge before you started your job at Adacta? How did you attain knowledge of programming languages that you were not familiar with?

      I had some knowledge, which I learned at high school, college and at home when working on personal projects, but I didn't have any knowledge about the programming languages required by Adacta. When interviewed by Blaž and Igor, the great thing was that they weren't really looking for specific knowledge about the programming languages used at Adacta, but to see if I was capable of learning and if I have the logical thinking / basic knowledge required to be a part of the team. With the mentorship provided and support from the whole team, learning and earning the required languages was just a fun task and a great journey.

      Would you say that your university studies helped you to prepare to be a software developer? What advice would you give to a student who wanted to become a software developer after college / university?

      To be honest, university gave me some basic knowledge of programming languages and other subjects, but working in a real company, for real customers, that is where all the fun begins and the learning really starts. The problem I have noticed is that students who want to become software developers often just do their homework and that's it. As a developer, you should be enthusiastic about it, because then you'll have fun while doing it and enjoy discovering the solutions to problems that seem unresolvable at some point. I really like the quote “I am a developer, I solve problems you don't know you have in ways you can't understand” because it is true. Just try to create a simple program and explain to your parents, friends, or partner what you're doing and where you are stuck, and all you will get are confused looks and probably something like the following words “I have no idea what you just said, but I believe in you” .

      Who would you recommend Adacta as an employer to?

      Adacta is a great workplace for anyone who would like to improve and be a part of a company that doesn't only care about profit . There is a great work ethic, and you're not just a worker or a number to your boss ... So if you are a student or an experienced worker and would like to do different tasks and not just be a robot doing the same thing all the time, then Adacta is the right place to be . At Adacta there is always room for improvement and promotions.

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