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Qlik Continuous Classroom: a modern platform specially tailored for students and their continuous learning

We live in the era of great changes and fast flow of information. In order to be in step with latest trends, it is preferable to acquire knowledge and skills starting from the very college days. This will give us a competitive advantage when we step into the demanding business world. The Qlik company has recognized a need for the empowerment and education of young people and has designed the new generation platform – Qlik Continuous Classroom, intended for students and their continuous improvement of Qlik Sense skills.

Thanks to the Qlik Continuous Classroom platform, students can access to all relevant information about business analytics and to the latest functionalities of Qlik Sense solution. They only need to choose desirable content from the Qlik library, suitable time, as well as the most effective learning method and get into the journey through the world of data.

WHAT | The most desirable learning content

Thanks to the Qlik Continuous Classroom platform, students can now create their own learning style, or choose from predefined lists the most suitable method that Qlik suggests. With regular updates of the latest functionalities, students will have the ability to access to the latest training versions customized to their own level of knowledge. This means that young people can master the Qlik Sense solution effortlessly and fast.

HOW | The most effective learning method

Due to the fact that each person acquires knowledge in a different way, Qlik has provided the efficient learning methods for all type of students through the Qlik Continues Classroom platform. With video materials, exercises, quizzes, and other approaches, it is now possible to improve skills using desirable learning methods. Also, by using Qlik platform for self-service learning, it is possible to interact with experienced instructors and other peer students, through forums and other web conferencing tools at student’s disposal to quickly get answers, as well as share best practices. For immediate support, instructors are available during virtual office hours and live webinars.

WHEN | The best time for students

Because the Qlik Continuous Classroom platform is always accessible, students decide when to start, stop or resume their adventure through the world of Qlik Sense solution. They can take exercises and assessment tests at their own convenience, as well. All tools provided by Qlik Continuous Classroom are available during the subscription period.

Why use the Qlik Continuous Classroom platform

  • Process vs. event: a non-stop process for more effective learning
  • Customizable: what and how students want to learn at any level, and at their own pace
  • Always accessible: 24/7 during a one-year subscription period
  • Flexible: start, stop, resume and go back whenever students want
  • Interactive: live support from instructors and collaboration with other students
  • Regularly updated: access to the latest training available for new product releases

How to get started

Begin your journey through the world of knowledge and analysts today!

  • One-year paid subscription
  • Free courses included
  • Group subscriptions available

Visit and try Qlik Continuous Classroom!

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