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Modern Controlling: Analysis, not preparation

The 44th meeting of Serbian controllers was jointly organized by the company Adacta and CFO&Controlling Club in the hotel Holiday INN in Belgrade on March 28. During the event „Modern Controlling: Analysis, not preparation“, with more than 80 controllers of Serbia's most important companies present, our keynote speakers discussed the biggest challenges in the modern controlling today and how to solve them in real situations.

Every experience is a story for itself

At the very beginning of the event, Jovana Kondić – CFO at RALU Logistika spoke about her „controlling path“. During 12 years of work in finance and controlling she gained a lot of useful knowledge which helped her to establish the best system of controlling in the current company. 

Jovana's key message was that every experience is a story for itself and useful for further development.


Jovana Kondić, CFO at RALU Logistika: Modern Controlling-Analysis, not preparation

A modern system of controlling

Through the lecture „Modern Controlling: Analysis, not preparation“, Jovana Kondić clarified the essence of controlling as a concept, the way of implementation and place of application thereof.

Controlling, as a complicated and versatile category cannot be fully realized without the related methodological basis. According to her words, we all need to have a clear idea of what controlling/finance means and what we can expect from them. It is very important to understand the nature of the business, how to create reports for management needs, how to get financial reports „per click“, and which functionality should have reports for a good analysis. These were some of the key items that she had on her mind when she started to reinvent the existing controlling department at RALU logistika.

Are you suffering from information overload?

„In this information age, do we really know to use all the data and information that we have in a proper way?“ – with this question Bojan Glišović – Head od BI Department at Adacta Belgrade started his presentation. Why is that question so important? Data can be found everywhere. We are now a society which operates on information overload - too much information, too little time and less true values on insight. The point is – we need to be able to discover why something is happening and what we can do about it.


Bojan Glišović, Head of BI Department at Adacta Belgrade: Has controlling lost its control?

Has controlling lost its control?

In the second part of the event, Bojan Glišović explained how Adacta helped its customers to solve their problems in controlling departments, such as less time spent on data preparation and modelling, shorter revision periods and month/year closing periods and full control over financial controlling and management reporting.

"82% of Financial Controllers believe that their job has become more challenging over the last three years."

 Using the demo application at the end of event, Bojan showed to the guests how to make P&L reports and have full control over cost (re)allocations with modern BI solution.

Many thanks to our great speakers Jovana Kondić and Bojan Glišović.

Nevena Vasiljević

Marketing Specialist, Adacta Belgrade

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