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Interview: Key Takeaways from Project Management Conference and How to Apply Them In Insurance

For the 12th year, Project Management Conference in Zlin, a Czech city just an hour’s drive from Adacta`s Brno office, brought together more than 200 project managers from various industries. To learn more about the latest project management trends, best practices, and conference takeaways, we sat down with Benjamin Levstek, Director of Adacta Czech Republic, who attended the conference this year.

5 Takeaways from DIA Amsterdam

The thing I like the most about the Digital Insurance Agenda concept is its orientation towards building a Community (a social one) rather than just being a single annual event that shuts down as soon as the attendees leave the venue. This means you are able to connect with the community members before, during and after the event.

EUB Drives Business Transformation with Adacta’s AdInsure Insurance Platform

EUB, a leading travel insurance company in Hungary offering innovative travel insurance products on the Hungarian market, and Adacta, the provider of the AdInsure insurance platform, are happy to announce that EUB will deploy AdInsure to modernise their systems. This project will transform EUB’s business operations, enable innovation, and significantly enhance their customer service.

The Rise and Role of Insurtech – the Industry’s Approach to Innovation

The insurance industry is considered – compared to most other industries – to be a conservative one.

Insurance Behind the Digital Curtain

For many insurers, thriving in today's digital world depends not only on digitalising the user interface but the whole insurance process. Fear of missing out on the digitalisation hype has left many insurers stranded at the first quarter of the journey - with a polished front and an ageing back-end hardly suitable to keep pace with what digitalisation demands. Those who continue to push forward towards the finish line, will be rewarded by the improvements in the overall performance and - even more importantly - innovation-ready ecosystems. 

Automating Business Decisions: A Pathway to Insurance Process Optimisation

On the way to their digital future, insurance companies are considering different solutions and tools for business process management. The main promise of this kind of transformation includes digital workspaces and paperless offices. However, more ambitious Insurers involved in digitalisation initiatives should aim much higher. They should analyse and try to automate their business decisions.

Emerging Insurance Trends – Cyber Risk Insurance Still in Its Infancy

Summer 2017 did not start well for Maersk. The world’s largest container shipping company fell prey to the NotPetya malware attack. Its container ships were stuck at sea, and 76 of its port terminals around the world were closed for business. 8 days of interrupted business cost Maersk almost 300 million USD in loss of revenue, IT restoration costs and other expenditures linked with the incident.

DVA Going Digital with Adacta

DVA, established in 1992 and Germany's highly specialised industrial insurance broker for transport solutions and large construction projects, has selected Adacta to automate and streamline its core business processes, namely the offer placement process, policy administration, claims handling, and billing processes.

Top 5 Considerations for Multi-Country Core Project Deployments in Insurance

Migration from a legacy system to a modern core platform is a big transformation and one of the most challenging projects an insurance company can face, both from the IT and the business side. For an international company whose plan is to run such a project across different lines of business and multiple countries, the complexity is multiplied. 

Adacta at IBTF Insurance Business & Technology Forum 2015

Aranđelovac | 17.10.2015 At a three-day conference business partners Microsoft and Adacta presented all benefits of AdInsure.CRM - a CRM solution specially designed for the insurance industry.


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