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Data Science Economy Conference 2019: Dawn of AI

The 4th Data Science Economy Conference took place in Zagreb from 16th to 17th May 2019, and for the second time, Adacta was part of it. This two-day conference is an annual gathering of data science enthusiasts – from scientists, mathematicians and programmers to business analytics professionals working in data science, big data, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence or predictive modelling.

More than 200 participants attended this year’s two-day conference. This conference aims to connect people that understand the impact of data science and are looking for opportunities to create a data-driven business

The time for investing in building a data-driven company is now.

The first conference day was business oriented, and participants had a chance to hear some real-life use cases and stories on how to use data science in their businesses while the second day talked more about technical methods and tools used in data science.


Laura Bermudez from Carta, as a keynote presentation, opened this year’s programme. Laura had an interesting presentation on how this one of the fastest growing tech companies in Silicon Valley is reinventing the FinTech landscape and changing how ownership is managed through its use of data. Morning programme followed with other interesting presentations on how data science found its purpose in many other companies across Europe.

How is AI transforming the hospitality business?

The afternoon programme consisted of three specialised tracks: Real Live Use Cases and Stories (RLS), Concepts and Learnings (CAL) and What’s Next, Trends and Future Development (WNX).
As part of WNX programme, Martin Frešer, Adacta, presented ‘How AI is transforming the hospitality industry’. In his presentation, Martin showed a real-life example of how Machine Learning models can be used to solve multiple challenges that hospitality businesses face on a daily basis. This data-driven approach can help hospitality businesses in customers segmentation needed to provide better-targeted marketing campaigns, grow revenue and to increase customer satisfaction


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About the conference

Data Science Economy Conference Zagreb started in 2016, and since then more than 900 business professionals, researchers, IT developers, students, and other data science enthusiasts were involved in activities organised by the DSE community. For the second time, Adacta was one of the organizing partners and had a chance to contribute to the growth and development of this conference.

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