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Microsoft, Adacta and Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb

A handy CRM project for student’s better technical knowledge and position on the labour market.

Microsoft, Adacta and Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Zagreb) presented the first results of a joint project with graduate students in the academic year 2017/2018. Within the elective course Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at the 5th year of study, Microsoft provided students with free access to the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement System. During the course, Adacta has actively supported the implementation of a work education project in this program solution.

"Microsoft has always been strategically committed to working with young, creative individuals, and education sees unavoidable activities in the era of rapid technological growth. Rapid technology development, user education on the same technology and digitally-skilled workforce in extreme correlation - without any of these factors is impossible to fully implement digital transformation and to build a quality and competitive digital society." said Ivica Ivančić, Partner Technical Architect in Microsoft.

The students worked on the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement system for the beauty studio. They did not have any limitations in their work, and as far as economics students are concerned, the emphasis has not been placed solely on software but on developing a complete CRM strategy within the company, with Dynamics 365 system support. In addition to the regular 10-week course, students agreed to add three weeks of instruction, during which they further established their knowledge and skills in managing customer relationships.

During the assignment, students were divided into groups of up to 3 participants. Out of the 19 groups participating in the project, two groups were selected in the final selection, which presented their solutions in front of the representatives of Microsoft, Adacta and the Faculty of Economics and Business.

"This project clearly shows the course in which the Faculty wants to go, especially with students at the final years of the study - to work with companies and link theory to practice. The ultimate goal is to provide our students with quality education, but at the university, we get experts who will be able to respond to the challenges of today's labour market. The experience our students have with successful companies such as Microsoft and Adacta is invaluable." said Miroslav Mandić, a docent at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb.

"At Adacta we are committed to delivering our clients' technological solutions that will drive their business and keep them on the competitive edge. As technology evolves quickly, staying on the edge requires the right mix of people. Our teams are composed of experienced experts and young ambitious individuals, providing fresh angle on technology usage and challenges we are facing.” said Blaž Strle, Head of CRM and added "Collaboration with Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb gave us an opportunity to share our vision and experience with large pool of students. It gave us access and ability to identify the best individuals who will in the next couple of years run our businesses and determine future of our company. It’s a programme where everybody wins and we are excited to continue, evolve and expand it in the future."

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