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Bridging the Gap Between Data Science and Manufacturing

"Bridging the Gap Between Data Science and Manufacturing" was the title of the Meetup held in Zagreb on 14th March 2019. The aim of this meetup was to bring together data scientists and manufacturing companies to discuss the opportunities, challenges and potential sources of data associated with data science for manufacturers.

Data science in manufacturing – start with an analytical mindset

The Meetup started with an opening presentation by data scientist Sonja Išljamović PhD, and data science developer Martin Frešer, both from Adacta. Sonja and Martin revealed some interesting hands-on experiences working on data science projects for Adacta’s manufacturing customers. 

How to optimise the manufacturing process is definitely a hot topic for manufacturers, as the industry is sitting on vast amounts of data. 


Opportunities for Big Data in the manufacturing industry

Martin and Sonja highlighted the importance of bringing in an analytics culture, about the challenges modern manufacturers face today, with production planning being at the forefront and the biggest headache in the manufacturing industry. 

Business Case Study in a manufacturing company – huge cost savings, optimisation and preventive maintenance

Adacta’s data scientists then presented a real business case study of the deployment of predictive analytics in the manufacturing printing company Tiskarna Novo Mesto. With the help of the Qlik Analytics Platform, which connects all the important data sources, the company was able to optimise work orders, minimise delays and downtime, and establish an overview of machine loads and machine utilisation with the aim of preventing machine burnout and unexpected machine failures. 


Two of Adacta’s data scientists on stage: Sonja Išljamović PhD, and Martin Frešer

The business impact of implementing data science in this particular manufacturing company exceeded €250,000 in savings annually. A reason strong enough to convince even the biggest doubter about the Big Opportunities of Big Data in manufacturing. 

Big Data first-hand with companies Gavrilović and INA

The Meetup continued with a panel discussion on 'The Challenges of Data Science in Manufacturing'. The panellists, Kristina Autischer (Gavrilović), Kristian Schuster (INA), and Sonja Išljamović and Božidara Cvetković (both Adacta), touched upon the current state of data science in the manufacturing business, the maturity of teams and how data science will influence the future of the employment market and employment possibilities. 

The panellists generally agreed that there are vast amounts of data that are still unused in most companies today, especially if we look beyond standard financial analytics and reporting. 

Representatives of the Croatian companies INA and Gavrilović highlighted a few examples from their business of how they managed to push Big Data forward with a few internal initiatives. These initiatives successfully improved existing processes by better leveraging different data sources. In this way, they were able to improve their businesses while motivating existing and potential employees at the same time. 

How Big Data will influence the development of the employment market

Existing and potential employees were the other major topic in the panel discussion, where participants agreed that a highly-skilled team that links technical, data and business knowledge is key to success. Companies today already look for candidates who have a mix of the aforementioned skills. 


An interesting discussion on how to put Data Science at the forefront of modern companies' thinking 

The recipe for Big Data success – the top-down approach 

The Meetup ended with a strong message which resonated with all the participants long after the official meeting was over: the incentives for developing data-related projects must come from top management, who must increasingly recognise the importance and role of business data. Companies that successfully leverage Big Data today are the ones where the concept is pushed forward by the management and is reflected in all levels of the business. 

See you at the Data Science Economy conference

The Meetup was the first event this year in cooperation between Adacta and the Data Science Meetup Group. At the same time, the Meetup acted as an introduction to this year's Data Science Economy conference which will be held in Zagreb in May, and where Adacta will be present with our machine-learning expertise. The event was a huge success among the Data Science community last year and we expect nothing less from the event this year. 

For more information about the Data Science Economy conference visit the official site: .

Anamarija Brkić

Marketing Manager, Adacta Zagreb

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