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Be inspired by Artificial Intelligence with Blaž and Boža at this year's NT conference

As ever, Adacta will be a part of the biggest TECH-business event in Slovenia – the 24th NT Conference 2019. Last year's event was awarded with title of 'Best B2B Event' in the region, which makes it clear that this is not just one of many conferences in our region – it is THE conference. Of course, as the organiser, Microsoft will try to win the award again with more than 2,200 attendees, 140+ lectures and 130+ lecturers.

Blaž Strle: AI, from LAB to Industry – a story that inspires

Our CEO Blaž Strle will talk about the tipping point in business technology - Artificial Intelligence in mass use. It is here and it is a must, and we already have numerous real world cases that will be presented in the lecture. Is it smart to snooze your AI alarm clock when it's already time to wake up?


Blaž Strle, Director of Business Solutions, Adacta

Božidara Cvetković: How AI is transforming customer-based business: A Hospitality Industry use case

Božidara Cvetković is an artificial intelligence expert with 8 years of experience at the Jožef Stefan Institute. She is a member of Adacta's BI Data Science Team and a part-time member of Adacta's CoE, specialising in data science and real-time machine learning. Her research is focused on personalisation and adaptation using machine-learning techniques, and human behaviour modelling using data representing a person’s physical and digital footprints (mainly IoT). She is also an accomplished software developer.

The hospitality industry has a major advantage when adopting AI technology. The possibilities of leveraging AI are enormous as the industry is already sitting on vast amounts of customer data. In this presentation we will walk you through the benefits of using AI techniques, and how to apply machine-learning algorithms to model customer behaviour and make predictions about future customer behaviour. We will introduce the benefits of using a virtual assistant as a communication pathway to provide personalised services, and how the IoT can make any room or resort 'smart'. We will present a hospitality use case of a large hotel chain.

BLOG: How AI is transforming the hospitality sector; Use case in Azure

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