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Adacta Partners with CafeX to Offer Live Assist, the Preferred Microsoft’s Omni-Channel Solution for Dynamics 365

Customer experience is today's key competitive differentiator and the importance of effective customer service is at the core of today’s business. All modern companies are facing the challenge of effective customer service - delivering the right service experience to the right user at the right time. CafeX’s Live Assist for Dynamics 365 is a modern and proven omni-channel solution that can help deliver great customer service. As a Microsoft’s preferred omni-channel solution for Dynamics 365, Live Assist can help resolve customer’s issues faster, increase their loyalty and delight customers with personalized omni-channel journeys.

What is Live Assist for Dynamics 365?

CafeX's Live Assist for Dynamics 365 is Microsoft's preferred omni-channel solution for Dynamics 365, providing chat, co-browsing, bot integration and voice/video for in-app customer support on desktop and mobile. Live Assist embeds real-time assistance into mobile apps and websites to help resolve customers’ issues faster. Agents in the call centre can now text, chat, co-browse, remotely operate the browser and escalate to face-to-face video calls with customers that need any kind of support, before or after the purchase. 

How Live Assist for Dynamics 365 works - watch a video


Live Assist - One integrated platform to assist customers online

“Effective customer service means delivering the right service experience to the right user at the right time. However, as new communication channels and touchpoints become available, customer service technology ecosystem has grown more complex over time. We see that our customers using Dynamics 365 solutions need simpler, more modern, automated, task-based user interfaces, such as the one offered by Live Assist. Instead of struggling with the technology and tools, agents with modern live assist tools have more time to focus on the customer's issues and delivering a differentiated service.”
Blaž Strle, Director of CRM Department, Adacta

About CafeX

CafeX makes it easier for companies to enhance live engagement within web and mobile applications. Trusted by many Global 2000 companies, CafeX’s award-winning collaboration software operates within the context of business workflows to increase customer satisfaction and workforce productivity. |

About Adacta

Adacta, the leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner in the Adriatic Region, and a leading solution provider for insurance companies in CEE, specializes in Microsoft Dynamics technologies to develop and deploy solutions that help companies across industries get to market faster and achieve continued success.
Adacta is a member of the 2016 and 2011 President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft’s Country Partner of the Year, Gold ERP and Gold CRM Microsoft Partner, Elite Qlik Partner and Solution Provider. |

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