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Adacta Partnering with WeSavvy

Adacta and WeSavvy have signed a partnership agreement, leveraging the strength of both platforms to add value to the insurance industry and their customers.

The insurance industry is changing fast and the need for insurance companies to tailor their offering to individuals is at the heart of every insurer’s transformation. Risk management and “insurance-savvy” customers are the driving forces behind this change towards bespoke insurance products. Insurers can leverage information from customers and – more importantly – make smart use of this information to the customer’s benefit. 

Continuous improvement has always been a core principle at Adacta and WeSavvy’s cloud-based platform for sharing lifestyle data and transforming it into valuable insights is a great addition to AdInsure, Adacta’s core system for insurers. By connecting AdInsure to WeSavvy’s platform, insurers can greatly improve customer experience while managing risk more accurately at the same time.  

With the WeSavvy platform individuals can share their lifestyle information with insurers, providing them with an opportunity to adjust their offering accordingly. This really is an innovative way to engage customers, resulting in a win-win scenario for both parties – insurers that can derive valuable insights from the data provided will be able to provide their customers with a superior product offering and service. 

This is how AdInsure and WeSavvy work together: customers connect their apps, wearables and social media profiles to the WeSavvy platform and collect points based on their lifestyle (how much they run, walk, cycle). The AdInsure core system can now natively consume the lifestyle data provided through the WeSavvy platform and provide customer-specific ratings, product suggestions and service recommendations – this ensures customers receive a truly tailored service and coverage while the insurer can manage risk more accurately. 

Hesus Inoma – Founder & CEO, WeSavvy, comments on the partnership:
“We are really excited to partner with an established player in the insurance technology market such as Adacta. This joint effort is a step closer to bringing innovative dynamic risk pricing to the insurance market at scale.” 

Matej Pfajfar - Executive Director, Financial Services, Adacta, comments:
“WeSavvy is a great platform that can add value to our insurance partners and their customers in so many ways. It is a great fit for Adacta’s insurance ecosystem. Behind the platform is an amazing, talented team with exciting plans and we very much look forward to our joint projects.” 

For more information please contact:

Hesus Inoma – Founder & CEO, WeSavvy
+353 86 894 1440, 

Matej Pfajfar –  Executive Director, Financial Services, Adacta
+386 1 5948 38 00, 

About WeSavvy
WeSavvy helps insurers, bancassurers and intermediaries (Financial Services Providers (“FSPs”)) to personalise policies and to engage more effectively with insurance policyholders. 

WeSavvy’s platform captures and aggregates lifestyle data from consumer platforms, apps, wearables and social media, fine-tuning the data and turning it into usable, actionable and predictable insights for the FSP. Initially focusing on life, protection and health markets, through the combination of Big Data and IoT, WeSavvy brings telematics, effective analytics and innovative risk management to the industry. By encouraging customers to pursue insurer-friendly behaviour, WeSavvy provides an easy and transparent way for insurers to develop a deeper understanding of the customer, allowing for enhanced customer experience, personalisation of policies and awesome engagement!

About Adacta
Developing solutions for insurance industry for more than 10 years Adacta has established itself as one of the leading providers of insurance solutions in the EMEA region. AdInsure, Adacta’s flagship solution for insurance companies, is recognized by Celent as a “strong and modern system with exceptional feedback from clients”. Adacta’s insurance-related solutions are used by 22 insurers in 10 countries.

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