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Adacta Day 2018: In the Future, Every Company Will Be an IT Company

New technologies, a look into the future, critical overview of digital transformation and socializing with our customers and partners – these are some of the highlights of Adacta Day 2018 that took place on Friday, 9 November, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Ljubljana. On stage, we hosted Slovenian and international speakers in addition to our experts coming from Adacta.

In the future, every company will be an IT company

Blaž Strle, Director of Business Solutions at Adacta, has provided a simultaneously serious and funny look at the development of digital transformation through the eyes of the younger generation. Remember cassette tapes? If you do, check out this video and see how the cassette tape is perceived by members of the generation Z upon seeing it for the first time.
Blaž's key message was that every company is transforming in some way or another into an IT company – a thought that was put forward by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella. What does this mean? With new technologies, businesses have more and more opportunities to take on a part of the development and maintenance of their IT solutions. 

Blaž Strle, Director of Business Solutions, Adacta: In the Future, Every Company Will Be an IT Company

Digitalization is not just a technology challenge

David Vidmar from GEN-I reminded us that digital transformation is not just a technological change. Of course, technology is necessary, but in David’s opinion, the magic formula for digitization would be: digitization = technology + data + processes + people.

David Vidmar, Chief Digital Officer, GEN-I: Digitization Is Not Just a Technology Challenge

Some quotes from his presentation:

“Digital. Probably the most popular ‘buzzword’ in IT and business right now.” 

Here’s also David's explanation of a modern electric car as a digital service and description of how it is analogous with mobile phones.

"I charge it every night, no matter how full the battery is.
I do not know how much electricity it consumes, but I must always be sure it will be full at least until evening. During the day, I can fill it up anywhere quickly, on the go.
It’s always connected, it knows where I am and what I do.
It knows everything about me, it adapts to me.
It always has the latest software.
I’m talking to it.“

Talent is the Competitive Advantage

First public presentation of the leading global human resource management solution Cornerstone OnDemand in Slovenia happened at Adacta Day. 3.350 companies and 28 million users in 192 countries around the world use this platform for employee recruitment and management. We are pleased to announce that Adacta has become Cornerstone’s partner, which means that the leading global human resource management solution, Cornerstone OnDemand, is available to our regional customers.

Michal Strzelec, Cornerstone: We are witnessing a Global Skills Crisis and CEO's are Recognizing the Critical Need for Top Talent 

Michal Strzelec, Sales Manager from Cornerstone, introduced a modern cloud management solution that effectively integrates 4 components of good employee management in the company: (1) education and training, (2), performance, (3) recruitment, (4) HR strategy.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Business Applications in the Cloud

In recent years, Microsoft has taken a huge step forward in the development of business solutions, primarily by introducing a single Dynamics 365 platform, a platform that combines ERP and CRM solutions with integrated Power BI and Office 365 tools that are supported by modern technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, PowerApps and Hololens.

Aleksandar Totović, PST, Microsoft: Microsoft Dynamics 365 effectively covers all processes in your company

In the second part of the event, we had an opportunity to see how all the modern technologies are used in real business cases. Experts from Adacta stepped onto the stage. And what did they show us?

Machine Learning on your Data

Dr. Sonja Išljamović, BI Expert at Adacta, introduced us to the basic principles of machine learning and emphasized that machine learning is an on-going process. Using real-life business cases, Sonja showed how to optimize business processes and operations with modern predictive analytics and advanced algorithms.

Dr. Sonja Išljamović, BI Expert, Adacta: Machine Learning Is a Continuous Process

The Future of your ERP is in the Cloud

Staša Kotnik and Boštjan Golob from Adacta highlighted the benefits of cloud-based solutions for modern businesses: real-time payment, integrated business analytics, real-time data collection, capacity scalable to actual needs, integration with other Microsoft’s solutions, access to the latest version, self-service development solutions and access to third-party solutions through Microsoft AppSource.

Staša Kotnik, Head of ERP Development and Boštjan Golob, Business Solution Architect, Adacta, talked about the future of ERP solutions

Microsoft offers two cloud-based ERP solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and both solutions are available with Adacta’s localization packages for our region. 

Better Customer Support with the Help of a Chatbot

Surely, you have already encountered chatbots. Dejan Blatnik, Sales Manager at Adacta, introduced us to the magical world of chatbots. Dejan explained more about the technology behind chatbots and the benefits of implementing a chatbot, which are 24/7 accessibility, performance, time and money savings, increased customer satisfaction, automated processes, new business opportunities and increased revenue.

Dejan Blatnik, Sales Manager, Adacta

A great day ended with pleasant networking over some good food and wine. 


Thank you all for coming and see you again next year!

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