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Adacta Day 2018 Belgrade: 15 Years of Successful Business and the Road Ahead

The 1st Adacta Day Belgrade took place last week with to celebrate 15 years of successful Adacta’s presence in Serbia. More than 130 existing and potential customers, partners and other business associates gathered in Hilton Hotel to celebrate this significant milestone.

However, the day was more than just a celebration of past successes, it was first and foremost an event that looked ahead to the future of technology that can support the modern business transformation – the fast-moving train all companies are on. At the event, we had the pleasure of hearing and seeing several prominent speakers from home and abroad, guiding us through the transformative technologies that are available already and shedding the light on some that are coming in the near future.

Behind every business transformation is technology

The business world is changing rapidly. It’s crucial for every business that wants not only to survive in this ever-competitive environment but to thrive and stay ahead of the game. At Adacta we believe that technology is at the heart of every business transformation. Some existing solutions that companies rely on, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions and business intelligence tools have already undergone substantial advancement. In addition to those, many companies are already leveraging advanced tools for HR and Talent Management, which were presented at the event as well.

Matjaž Fajfar, Director, Adacta Belgrade, highlighted some of the past moments and revealed plans for the future


Matjaž Fajfar, Managing Director, Adacta Belgrade

At the beginning of the event, guests were greeted by the Managing Director of Adacta Belgrade, Matjaž Fajfar, who reviewed our company’s results and presented the plans for the upcoming period. He was followed by the presentation “Transformation of business in the digital era”, which was held by Aleksandar Totović, Partner Technology Strategist for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Totović explained how Microsoft sees software solution development over the next few years and highlighted Dynamics 365 product family, a complete ERP, CRM and BI solution stack with an emphasis on integration, mobile, IoT, machine learning and analytics.


Transformation of Business in the Digital Era, Aleksandar Totović, Partner Technology Strategist for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Employees are your company’s most important asset

Through the lecture “How do your employees realize their full potential?”, Ognjen Dujaković and Michal Stzelec, representatives of Cornerstone OnDemand, talked about the challenge every contemporary company faces today – employee onboarding and retention. Dujaković and Stzelec presented the ways to improve internal HR processes, such as recruiting candidates, taking care of employees and monitoring their progress, all to realize the full potential of employees. All of these features are delivered by Cornerstone OnDemand, a cutting-edge HR tool in the cloud and one of the world’s best-known HR software. 

Recently, Adacta established a partnership with Cornerstone and we were pleased to be able to announce it at the event. We are very happy that we added HR management software to our solution stack since successful HR management is a growing need for more and more companies in our region as well.


How Your Employees Can Realize Their Full Potential, Ognjen Dujaković and Michal Stzelec, Cornerstone

Chatbots, virtual agents and predictive analytics are the next best things for your CRM and BI systems

Milan Maksić, CRM Operations Manager from Adacta demonstrated the importance of an omnichannel customer approach and showed how chatbots and virtual agents can significantly reduce the burden of modern customer support, align customer support processes and improve customer satisfaction with your service.

Find out more about chatbots in Milan's latest blog post: What Can I Help You With?

Sonja Išljamović, Senior BI Consultant, Adacta impressed attendees with a visual presentation of how predictive analytics can be used in modern companies to predict bottlenecks, improve planning, recognize opportunities for growth and find ways to reduce costs.

Last, but not least, Liljana Vujčić, Adacta, Senior Payroll Consultant, demonstrated HR and Payroll Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The event ended with more informal networking at the beautiful premises of Hilton Hotel in the Belgrade city centre. With the great feedback from our attendees, we can guarantee that we will see you again next year!

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