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What if there is an HR solution that can fill all the gaps you have?

Well, there is a solution that drives a unified talent strategy as it allows you to manage and provide a more engaging employee experience for your people.

There is nothing more valuable than social proof, and the fact that Cornerstone has more than 40 million users in 192 countries speaks for itself. Their talent management solution has been placed as the leading world-wide solution by Gartner, Forrester, IDC and Fosway Group.

Aren’t you just a bit curious to know how one HR solution can handle all the needs of a modern HR department?

Join us for this webinar and find out what makes this solution so unique that it is able to save HR months and not just hours.

The webinar will be led by the Cornerstone expert Michal Strzelec, who will share his experiences of working with many companies around Europe, helping them to realise the full potential of the modern HR solution, Cornerstone OnDemand. He knows HR problems and he knows from first hand experience how to solve them.

This webinar is not going to be just another sales speech, we will show you Cornerstone OnDemand in action and allow you to come up with your own opinion (but we are already sure that it will be good!).  

You will be able to see:

Recruitment and onboarding in one place

Deliver a Consistent Branded Experience – From candidate to new hire, experience is everything. Cornerstone Recruiting offers the most effective sourcing methods, from referrals to social networking sites. Our social sourcing tools enable your organisation to reach both passive and active skilled candidates in less time.

How to run traditional and continuous performance management

Create individual development plans based on an employee’s competency assessment to help address skills gaps and expand their strengths. Encourage employees to take ownership of their career development – increasing employee engagement, job satisfaction and motivation.

Learning – the central point of the Cornerstone system

Cornerstone Learning helps you engage and retain top talent, reduce times, and accelerate learning to drive greater productivity, reduce knowledge drain, and maintain your competitive edge.

Reporting and integration capabilities

How can you ensure your organization is able to navigate the changes that are coming? View enables leaders to answer critical talent-related and business questions by visually exploring talent data at any time. Leaders can easily search, filter and compare people with interactive visualiszation tools to draw conclusions and make the right talent decisions. Once a short-list of people has been created with the interactive visualisation tools, leaders can easily share lists with others to answer critical workforce questions.

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