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ADACTA CRM event: How to win in business?

After period focused on the health and safety of your employees and customers, now it is time to figure out how to secure and increase revenue in the coming economic crisis. The ability to grow is your only superpower in this fight.

Sales Forecasting and Stock Optimisation Module in Be-terna ML Platform

Stock optimization is an important KPI in supply chain businesses since it translates to cash flow directly. On the one hand, constantly high stock levels (overstocking) indicate that money spent on stock is money not spent on potential growth while on the other hand, low stock levels (frequent stock-out events) indicate that money might be getting lost on missed sales.

Mixed reality helps seniors breathe new life into old memories

It’s usually young people who are associated with cutting-edge technology, and for that reason we had never really thought about looking into the benefits of mixed reality for the elderly. That is, until recently, when we started a very special project to find out what positive impacts this immersive technology can have for seniors. Let’s dive in and see how we examined their experiences

First-hand stories from the on-line event ‘The New Beginning’ now available on YouTube

Last week the Microsoft Teams platform connected seven professionals from three countries and five different industries with the question “Is this a new beginning, and can we overcome all the business challenges of the new reality?”.

5 Tips for Team Managers Looking to Effectively Manage Remote Employees

For the last couple of weeks, our private and personal lives have been turned upside down. We are facing an unknown situation on how to run our workplace as well as our business. 

Engaged employees are the lifeblood of every successful business

If you were to ask your employees which of them had LinkedIn profiles, almost all of them would probably raise their hands. However, if you then asked them if they knew how to fully utilise this social media platform, many hands would probably drop.

Machine Learning and AI

Some describe AI as a new generation of software that can make decisions, learn and advance on its own, without human intervention. AI technologies can do things the human brain cannot foresee, and this is where many see the greatest potential of this technology – to go beyond human reasoning. On the other hand, the belief that technology alone is enough, is one of the reasons most AI projects fail. Real benefits only come when AI results are combined with human experience and decisions.

SMBs - Get ready for the best Cloud ERP in the market – Business Central SaaS is here!

We are happy to announce that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS is now fully available in the Adriatic region. In the Serbian market, Business Central SaaS was available from the beginning of last year and we already have the first customers using the SaaS version. From the beginning of this month, however, Adacta is ready to onboard the first SaaS customers in Slovenia and Croatia as well.

Despite the current social distancing measures, we successfully finished an ERP project in Jamaica

Even though the epidemic has stopped us from travelling for business and working in the office, our Utility Infrastructure Management (UIM) Team have once again proved that nothing is impossible with a team spirit that can move mountains.

Solving your stock challenges with machine learning

Stock-out or overstock – can you relate? Modern buyers are spoiled. They want everything, right now and if possible, delivered to their home addresses. On the other side of this we can find quite complex operations and supply chains which make it all possible, and which allow you to receive something from Amazon in under 2 hours if you are a member of Amazon Prime (with some restrictions which are less important to this story).


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