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Like father, like son

What would happen if your father was a Sales Director and you were a 12 year old boy who desperately wanted to get a new iPhone 11 PRO? Well, you would pitch your idea like your father would to an important customer, of course! Check out the pitch at the end of this article 😃.

Would Gen Z swipe right on you?

Born after 1995, this generation knows little of life without technology, they are the first true digital natives. This generation has grown up with Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, SnapChat etc, and they are used to having all the information they need, whenever they want. This means they want it right now, not in 24 hours.

The 3rd HRM Congress in Belgrade with Adacta and Cornerstone

This year's HRM Congress 2020 is just around the corner and we hope to see you in the hotel Crown Plaza in Belgrade on February, 25th.

How is AI transforming the hospitality sector?

Services powered by artificial intelligence (AI) have already disrupted various businesses, and the hospitality industry is catching up quickly. Early advances in technology enabled travel and accommodation arrangements to be made literally in the palm of your hand, making any destination easily reachable.

What is the job of Application Consultant like at Adacta?

It is not every day that you are 23, you have just finished your Master's degree in Business Informatics, you find a perfect job as an Application Consultant and then just 6 months later you find yourself on a plane heading to Jamaica for your first business trip! Yes, not Germany or London – but Jamaica! 😊.  

Buying a new machine? What about optimal planning?

Business growth regarding production depends on the ability of a company to produce more products. If the number of orders increases and production capacity approaches the maximum operational capabilities, the management team needs to start to consider investing in new production capacity products.

Data literacy - is it being sidelined as we rely on BI solutions to save us?

Today, a large number of companies depend on data to some extent; whether by using it substantially in decision-making or by merely working on projects that will allow them to do this. And while everyone is somehow involved with data, examples of companies that have truly reorganised their work processes or made ground-breaking business decisions based on this data are few and far between.

[Webinar] : GDPR Intelligence – take control over your GDPR-related data

Is GDPR keeping you awake at nights?

How about we tell you that we have a solution to your sleepless nights?

Adacta Day 2019 Belgrade: New technologies are the basis for smart business and a bright future

The post-digital age is in front of us. In order to compete and be singled out in the post-digital age, companies need to adopt a set of new technologies that are just now emerging. These new technologies will be extremely important drivers of change in business, even in industries where digital tools are already abundant. Why is this so? The reason is that new technologies are continuously evolving and providing new opportunities for business improvement.

Adacta Day 2019 Ljubljana: Intelligent Business

We were happy to host many speakers, customers, partners and other business associates at Adacta Day 2019: Intelligent Business in Ljubljana last Friday, 25 October. 
We discussed many topics and focused on disruptive and upcoming technologies, their impact on the future of business and, of course, the impact these technologies will have on people.


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