Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ClickDimensions marketing automation


Automated sales and marketing processes & integrated collection management system

“Being a leader in our specific industry niche within the demanding ICT sector and a truly global provider requires both the ability to adapt very quickly to market needs and respond with highly customized solutions. The solution offered answers to both requirements and consequently our already huge customer base grew while preserving an extremely high retention rate at the same time. Challenges, like managing the collection process efficiently, were addressed and solved with a tailored system embedded within the CRM. The unified approach (sales, legal, finance, technical) empowered us in managing revenue assurance to levels not matched in our industry.”

Damir Ritosa, Business Process Manager CRM, Infobip

“Since our market is global, our business is running 24/7 and we have to be there for our customers constantly. This is why we need partners that also stand with us. Adacta was recognized as a great integrator with our CRM. Their support has been quick to respond and proficiently solve any issues.”

- Vladimir Mladin, Senior Business Analyst and Project Leader, Infobip
“It is really a pleasure to work with a client like Infobip. While there were many challenges along the way, the very cooperative attitude and the experience the client already had using Dynamics CRM solution meant we were able to upgrade the system in the shortest time possible. Customers today want start using a new solution as quickly as possible and that is where a flexible solution like Dynamics CRM and an experienced software vendor like Adacta come into play.”

- Blaž Strle, Director of Dynamics CRM Department, Adacta

About Infobip

Infobip is an international IT and telecommunications company specialized in cloud-based mobile services for businesses serving more than 250.000 accounts through more than 50 offices worldwide. As a B2B company, it serves both mobile network operators and enterprises, notably banks, social networks and corporations. Infobip's clients also include various non-profit organizations and public institutions. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in United Kingdom, Infobip helps clients easily and successfully run their mobile initiatives around the world.

Why Dynamics CRM

Infobip was already using Dynamics CRM 2011 and was looking for an updated CRM system that would give them control, flexibility and straightforward integration options while providing intuitive user interface. An updated version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM seemed to be the best fit for their challenges. After seeing Adacta’s competencies, Infobip decided to entrust the upgrade to the new partner.


Infobip was looking for a solution that would help them better manage and serve their existing customer base. One of the company’s requirements was also the ability to effectively connect a third party marketing automation tool to automate and optimize digital marketing activities, improve the overall insight into customers and consequently optimize sales and customer care operations. In addition, the plan was to roll out an automated collection process to reduce the administrative burden and improve insight and management of the entire collection process.

With a strong team of in-house engineers, Infobip wanted to have more control over the system, meaning that basic CRM configuration and adjustments should be done by Infobip engineers, leaving only larger and more complex tasks to the vendor.

Implementation process

Tight collaboration of both teams (client and vendor) during the upgrade and enhancements implementation proved extremely positive - effective knowledge transfer and agile development resulted in short project duration, low implementation casts, quick user adoption and low long term maintenance costs.

Business benefits

Improved 360-degree customer view was one of Infobip’s first requirements for the new CRM solution. This way, sales representatives and customer care departments are better prepared when dealing with a customer, which improves the overall customer experience and provides the customer with the feeling that they are well-served based on their needs/requirements. The whole sales process is now highly automated, so sales representatives can really focus on what’s the most important to the customer. This automation improves the efficiency of the entire sales team. 

Infobip decided for a new nurture marketing and marketing automation tool, ClickDimensions, which is natively built-in the new CRM solution. With the ClickDimensions add-on, Infobip is able to carry out more automated marketing and nurturing programs and lowering the customer acquisition costs.

Dealing with a large and highly valuable customer base, an effective yet personal collection management approach is always a challenge. Addressing customers from different organizational levels at different touch points and using different approaches depending on the severity level required structured collection management approach. The implemented collection management module provides Infobip with a clear overview of the collection process and collection activities across all organizational levels.

A structured collection process and combination of automated and manual activities yielded high collection rate while minimizing administrative burden and improving collection efficiency.

Since Infobip was already familiar with Dynamics CRM, the training period was very short. The train-the-trainer approach was used where Adacta trained the key users, who then shared knowledge among other users throughout the entire Infobip group.


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