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What are the pros and cons of being an application consultant?

Matija, if you could choose 3 adjectives to describe Adacta's culture, what would they be?
If I had to choose three adjectives to describe Adacta’s culture I would choose friendly, progressive and helpful.

When and why did you join Adacta as an application consultant, what initially drew you to the company?

I joined Adacta about two years ago. I was still a student at the time and was still searching for the career that I wish to pursue in my life. I always had an interest in IT, but since I was studying economics and management, most of my prior jobs were in different banks, audit companies and financial institutions. I hated the “full suit” policy I had to follow there and just feeling like a cog in a wheel every working day, just doing simple routine tasks over and over again. I was always looking for challenges and opportunities to solve problems to experience real progress.

The thing that thrilled me the most is that I very quickly got to know my whole team by name, a privilege that can’t be found in each company. Today, helping the team solve their problems and help us grow as a whole is what drives me the most. Once I joined Adacta I finally felt relaxed, since I have found a friendly environment where I was able to tackle a variety of tasks which finally enabled me to progress in the pace that I wanted all along.

What is the job of application consultant like at Adacta? What is a typical day like for you?

Today I work in the AX department as an application consultant. The Zagreb AX team isn’t a large one, just about 10 of us. This means that each individual application consultant needs to be able to tackle a variety of problems that may require solutions.

My typical day starts with a hot cup of black coffee, obviously. I like to use the first hour of the day to catch up to mails that may have arrived since yesterday’s shift end. This is followed by the daily meeting of the AX team. We have all made our plan by then and on the daily meeting we share the plan of the day, the problems we may have encountered or expect to face.

The tasks that I may face as an application consultant in such a small team are various. It can be us travelling to visit a client where we would analyse their processes and consult the client on matters as where can they increase the efficiency of their processes, how can they use our system or what additional developments we may need to do to suit the requirements of the client. Some of these tasks may be repetitive, but nowadays I appreciate having a day or two of repetitive tasks, after days of comprehensive analysis and consulting.

What are the pros and cons of being an application consultant?

It is difficult to separate the pros and cons, as I’m not able not to see the job as a whole. The pros would not exist without the cons.

I believe I can best explain this through an example. You get a problem you need to solve. You want to be efficient in searching for the solution, yet you can’t compromise the quality of the solution with regard to the time that needs to be spent. Some problems may be so complex that you need weeks to truly solve them. You can feel the frustration in the air when you haven’t progressed at all with your solution in a few days, while you are still trying hard.

However, sooner or later, with or without help, you will come to the solution, and once you do you know that all the past days you have felt frustrated have paid off. You especially know this when you realize how the team is excited to share your thrill in this success. After all, your success is the success of the team as a whole.
What does it take to be a/an application consultant?
It takes a mind that is eager to learn. Perhaps the business aspects have remained unchanged for years, but the fact that you work in IT provides you with a dynamic environment in which you need to keep on learning as you go. This provides you with the feeling that even though you solved a certain problem a year back, the solution may be completely different today with the technological progress that has happened in this time.

IT is an exciting industry to work in. You can see all kinds of technologies being developed around the world. Every time something new is invented, you have a whole spectrum of new options that can be applied to your client’s business processes, or perhaps the business processes of Adacta as well!

If I had to point out one characteristic that would provide for a good potential for an application consultant, it would definitely be curiosity. Only curiosity will motivate you to truly find the solution you or your client is looking for.

Who would you recommend Adacta as an employer to?

I would recommend Adacta to all proactive and individuals that are seeking to be more involved in the work of their company. I would recommend Adacta to all who wish to learn and to progress their own skills. It doesn’t matter how old the person is, what university you are attending or have attended. The most important is the mindset of moving forward with a team of excellent people.

When I was a kid I wanted to be…

When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut, but I wanted to be a journalist as well. I may not have ended up working either of those jobs, but I believe I have found aspects of both jobs in my current career.

I have satisfied my need for exploration and learning by researching all these new technologies and mastering them. On the other hand, I have satisfied my need for socialisation through constant cooperation with my team and my clients.

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