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What the job of an Application Consultant is like at Adacta, with Domen

Meet Domen, Application Consultant, former student of  the University of Bedfordshire, UK and Utrecht University, NL.


My name is Domen, I’m 25, and I have been working at Adacta as a CRM Consultant since October 2017. Before Adacta, I enjoyed my student days in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands where I went to complete my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees respectively.

Mid-way through secondary school, I quickly realised that I had a desire to go beyond the borders of Slovenia, especially to see how business and IT is done in other parts of Europe. When the chance to do my bachelor's in computer science abroad arose, I took it without hesitation. After 3 successful academic years in the UK, I graduated with a first class degree, and decided that I wanted to pursue my formal education further, and decided that the Netherlands was a good fit for the next 2 years. I applied for a master’s in business informatics and spent the best 2 years of my life in the land of tulips and Stroopwafels (seriously, look it up!). This was indeed a unique experience, filled with joy, laughter, and particularly some really nice friendships, that will likely last for a lifetime.

Finally, in June 2017, I decided that 5 years abroad was enough for the time being and that I wanted to start my professional career in my home country, Slovenia.

Landing a job @Adacta

I have a strong belief that every student should explore as many diverse work opportunities as possible, before finding a permanent job. This way, you might just find a job that fits you like a glove. Following this idea, I worked throughout all my summer vacations, and determined that my first full-time employment would be with a company where I had worked for the previous four summers. Unfortunately (or not), they were not able to offer me a regular position, so my quest to find full employment began in August 2017. I found out about Adacta from a colleague and immediately saw there was a range of positions available. Initially, I applied for the position of Business Intelligence consultant, and 5 days later I was invited for an interview with the HR manager.

The first interview itself was nothing out of the ordinary, a slightly more formal conversation, regarding my interests, ambitions, and alignment of expectations between the company and myself. I was quickly told that the company would rather see me in a different department, CRM, and as a result, I agreed to have a 2nd interview with the head of that department, and now my manager, Blaž Strle. The interview with him was very informal, which I preferred but also found a little unusual. Among other things, we discussed what the needs were within the department, what my role would be, and what career options await me at Adacta within the next couple years. Of course, this being on condition that I successfully and satisfactorily completed the assignment that was given to me at the end of the 2nd interview – to present a CRM platform for the Utility industry, without any prior knowledge regarding the system or the industry. This is a standard interview procedure here at Adacta, where depending on the role you are applying for you are required to demonstrate your skill, flexibility, and ability to deliver on time. It’s not so much about having the best assignment or presentation, but it's more about being able to defend your decisions, thoughts, and communicate your thinking clearly in a logical way – especially if you are applying for a consultant position.

The interview assignment went well, and I was immediately offered a position within the company on a permanent basis. As Adacta was not my only option at that time, I was undecided about which company to pick. When I shared my thoughts with the HR manager, she arranged another meeting with Blaž, and we had a very honest conversation regarding the positives and negatives of both career options. When I told Blaž that I was considering going for the other option, he explained the many different options that awaited me at Adacta, which made me rethink both proposals, and finally I decided that Adacta was the place where I wanted to start my career.

Working @ Adacta

So, what is a day in the Adacta office like? Well, it depends on the department and your job, but I think in a nutshell you can expect to be involved in team meetings on a daily basis, as well as planning activities. Since we work in an agile way, we all partake in the bi-weekly sprint planning, estimation activities, work definitions, and much more. There is also quite a bit of diversity involved, one day you might be working on a more technical task on the software product, while on another you are preparing a system demonstration and a presentation for a client visit. It really never gets boring.

I think access to quality education, learning content, and ultimately certification, is another one of the core advantages of working here. One of the first things that I had to define when starting here was my education plan for the next 6 months, in which I was required to study, learn, and try to pass three certifications by Microsoft. After passing the last one in May, I am currently planning to apply for a Project Management certificate by the Project Management Institute, which I am really keen to acquire, as I think it will have enormous career benefits now and in the future.

In my view, the most accurate way to describe the daily culture of working at Adacta is with the phrase “new day – new challenge”. Being involved with projects running across Europe and Asia, there are no boring moments in the office. You are constantly put outside your comfort zone, learning things you never previously knew about, teaching your colleagues about topics that might be completely unknown to them, and of course, making sure that you deliver on your to-do list.

In my past 10 months in this job, I have never felt any negative vibes in the offices, nor any aggression or tension. Sure, there are deadlines, intensive schedules, and quite a high workload most months of the year, but the colleagues who you share offices with will almost certainly put you in a better mood on any workday. And it's not just colleagues, the direct and upper-management personnel are almost always smiling, and really try to minimize the visibility of hierarchy within the teams. Almost all people employ an “open door” policy, so you are welcome most days of the week to pop in the office of a person you need help from.

Therefore, if you enjoy a challenge, are interested in working on projects and working with different technologies, enjoy helping clients, are a positive individual, and if you want to kick-start your career with a big boost and an extremely good reference for the future, apply to Adacta and see for yourself.

As a final note, to anybody reading this and thinking “I’m not qualified enough, I don’t have the skills, I don’t have enough experience, … ” and all the other typical naysayer phrases I have heard so many times, I say this: If you don’t apply and try it out, you will never know – and you will regret it.

So don’t hesitate, and apply to Adacta now! Make your future-self proud .

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