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Adacta has an ERP project in Jamaica, and AX team went there

It is not every day that our consultants get to visit a country like Jamaica. Yes, that's correct – Jamaica!  Your first thought is probably of people relaxing by the beautiful Caribbean Sea, but our Utilities & Infrastructure Management Team experienced that even in Jamaica, where the pace of life is normally slower, work can be the same or even more challenging than in Europe.

Adacta has been working as a subcontractor with Caribbean Company since the beginning of this year. Our Utilities & Infrastructure Management team (with a help of support, product team and Maja Golob) has been busy this year writing functional requirement design documents, analysing received documentation, executing remote workshops, making plenty of conference calls, preparing for the Conference Room Pilot 1 (our first visit to Jamaica), configuring the environment and countless other time-consuming activities. The activities on this project have connected various teams from Dynamics, including the product team and support, whose help has been priceless.  

The team which visited Jamaica: Dara Dobrijević, Marko Radosavljević, Tanja Babac, Bernarda Glavica Martinčič, Tamara Bertok Velkavrh and Mateja Zorman. 


We asked them to share their experiences with us. Check out what they told us: 

Tanja Babac 

This trip was an awesome opportunity to really connect as a team. We spent all our working hours together with the client and in the afternoons we spent time solving problems together in the company of Jamaican music.  

Dara Dobrijević 

The users in Jamaica are no different from users back home – some were very reserved, while others just needed some time to get to know us and after that there was no stopping them. 😊 It was a real bonding experience for the whole team, we worked a lot but we also had our share of fun. 

Bernarda Glavica Martinčič

The best part of the trip was of course the weekend that we spent at the beach in Ocho Rios. The white sandy beach is something to remember forever…

Looking from our team's perspective, this trip to Jamaica created strong bonds between us. Team spirit is now on a totally different level than it was before this trip to Jamaica. So, Jamaica, we hope to visit you again 😊.


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