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The company is extremely family-friendly, which is quite important once you have a family of your own.

"If I had to put emphasis on one thing, then I would definitely choose the people at Adacta. The people here are resourceful, knowledgeable, interesting, kind and know how to have fun."

Meet Vladimir, (Software Developer and member of the FIS - Banking department), and check out what he, as a father, thinks about working at Adacta

Is it difficult to work and study at the same time?

After a brief  exchange of words with Adacta’s representatives, I immediately knew I wanted to work there. I would say the main reason was their professionalism and attitude. And of course, the recommendation from  my friend. :)

A project manager may be a technical guru, but that becomes much less important as the work expands

Milan: It is usually thought that a project leader needs to be an expert in highly technical subject matters. This is somewhat true, but not necessarily the whole story… In my opinion it is usually the other way around: The hard skills are easy, the soft skills are hard.

Business Administration is just a first step in your career at Adacta

Tina is a student of Management Studies at the Faculty of Economics. She applied for this position because she was  aware of the importance of acquiring early work experience. She has always wanted to work in a dynamic and international environment where she would  have a lot of career options after she finishes her studies. This is why she decided to try her luck,  so she sent her CV and  made it to Adacta!

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BI Consultant and Developer with a practical mathematics background

Gaja is a postgraduate student of Quantitative Finance at the Faculty of Economics (graduated Practical Mathematics at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics). She works as a Consultant and Developer in the Business Intelligence department.
At the age of twenty-one she moved to Dublin where she worked for the biggest Irish bank, and travelled most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And this is just for starters!

Jure, from QA Engineer to Software Developer

A Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer designs and executes product testing in order to identify and fix a product's flaws before it goes  to market.

Software quality assurance engineers are sometimes confused with software testers. Software testers test parts of the software at different stages of development, whereas a software quality assurance engineer oversees the entire development process, which includes software testing, from start to finish.

More about software testers: What the job of a Software Tester is like at Adacta with Jana.

How to get a Job at Adacta, from sending a CV to the first working day

What is Adacta's onboarding like? Since the highest priority of our company is employee satisfaction, we decided to check out how well we're doing with our latest recruit - Samo Virant.

What the job of an Application Consultant is like at Adacta, with Domen

Meet Domen, Application Consultant, former student of  the University of Bedfordshire, UK and Utrecht University, NL.

What the job of a Software Developer is like at Adacta with Rok

Rok, Software Developer - Microsoft Dynamics CRM, former student of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science.


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