Business Intelligence with an Emphasis on Business Results

Making the right business decisions has a decisive impact upon business operations. The increasingly dynamic environment and rapid changes have caused companies to seek out new possibilities of increasing their competitive strength and more efficiently managing their resources. Reaching the right decisions requires reliable, accurate and timely information.


Here at Adacta Group, we treat the establishment of each and every business intelligence (BI) system as a content-related business project. The technical implementation phase is not considered as a primary objective but as final stage which completes the project. In addition to ten years of experience in introducing ERP solutions, we incorporate relevant knowledge from the areas of finance, accounting, controlling, sales, marketing and supply chain into all of our projects. We embark upon new projects with focus and determination to achieve our set objectives, whose clear definition and measurability are vital for the successful implementation of solutions. In the past, projects involving the introduction of BI solutions were tackled purely from a technological standpoint and operations were orientated towards building data warehouses. From the beginning, the Adacta Group has striven to ensure positive content changes that contribute to actual business operation improvements. The tools that we use most frequently include QlikView, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office and Business Objects.


We provide comprehensive implementation ranging from the definition of key performance indicators and reporting systems up to improvement of input information, technical implementation and introduction of organisational changes.